Lubarrieta Restaurant (Zamudio): Steak, paella and beans near the Technological Park

Luz Alvarenga, Ainara Sáez, Gonzalo Gómez, José Manuel Pazo and Óscar Pérez pose in front of the village. / Maite Bartolomeo

Lubarrieta restaurant

Óscar Pérez reopens the farm where he worked for years as head chef to propose a traditional recipe book

Txema Soria

La Lubarrieta, located on a farm a few meters from the Technological Park, was founded in 1999 and took off last September when Óscar Pérez, a chef who heads the Erronda Zaharra de Uribarri in Bilbao, took over in 2013. Óscar, who studied at the Leioa Hospitality School and worked at the Martín Berasategui Group, Mugaritz, Guggenheim and the Nervión hotel, was head chef of Lubarrieta in 2005.

Lubarrieta (Zamudio)

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    Arteaga district, 17

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  • Prices
    Menu of the day: € 14. Steak menu (two people): 48 €. Menu: 22/32/42 €

Curiously, all the employees of the premises are from the Uribarri neighborhood: the Segovian chef Gonzalo Gómez, Luz Alvarenga – who, while working in the kitchen, studies at the Galdakao Catering School – and Ainara Sáez and José Manuel Pazos, in charge of the living room.

The restaurant, which has an internal room for 50 people and a splendid terrace for another 60, stands out for the menu of the day, which includes five first courses of your choice, five second courses and five desserts. Diners will also find a steak menu (€ 48) and several special menus. On Thursday a must for his seafood paella and on Monday for his beans cooked in the sacraments.

First courses with tempura vegetables, green peppers and chips, /

Maite Bartolomeo

On the menus we find gazpacho, crab and eel salad, a rich fish soup, chickpeas with octopus, chard stalks stuffed with Iberian ham and piquillo pepper, mushroom risotto, squid with rice, cod with pilpil sauce, entrails – cut of meat in Argentina – with tempura vegetables, green peppers and chips, red wine cheeks or fish such as sea bream, sea bass or mojarra laid on the back and with baked potatoes. For dessert, cheese or apple tarts, pineapple cream or coffee ice cream.