Lentil, fennel and croutons salad

As a child, the series of educational games Learn with Pipo It had a dangerously catchy song that went something like this: You Gotta Eat a Salad With Oil and Lemon. You will like it very much. Without paying too much attention to it, I still have that verse in my head even in my old age, and perhaps thanks to that and the importance we in the South place on always having a salad, I can’t go a day without one to eat.

Today, the concept of salad has changed drastically, and luckily we’ve added elements to make them nutritionally complete dishes that save us on a daily basis (especially when we’re tired and short on ideas). Nuts, legumes and tubers can be part of these complete salads; We take advantage of this and prepare a recipe so simple and rich that it will cause you inner conflict because you have never made it before.

Fennel has a very distinctive aroma and flavor that goes well with both cold lentils and a stew. If we combine it with fried croutons, with butter in which we have previously melted some anchovies, we obtain a salty, aromatic dish with many textures. To top off the simplicity, we’re going to season it with something as simple as lemon juice, olive oil, salt, and black pepper for the citrus and slightly tangy touch we need to finish it off (and we will, by the way). ). make Pipo happy).


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For 2 people

  • approx. 200 g fresh fennel (a medium-sized bulb)
  • 350g lentils, cooked and drained
  • 1 large shallot or half a red onion
  • 4 anchovies
  • The juice of a lemon and its zest
  • freshly ground black pepper to taste
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Salt

For the croutons

  • 60 g stale bread
  • 6 anchovies
  • 2 tablespoons melted butter
  • 1.5 tablespoons olive oil
  • A pinch of cayenne pepper (or nothing)
  • a pinch of salt


  1. Wash and drain lentils.

  2. Melt the butter along with the oil and the six anchovies over low to medium heat. Add the diced bread and stir to soak up the fat and broken anchovies. Add a pinch of salt and cayenne pepper and roast until crispy. Take off.

  3. Prepare the vinaigrette with the lemon zest, its juice, lots of black pepper, salt and olive oil.

  4. Cut the shallot and fennel julienne (or whatever you like) and reserve the stem leaves for garnish.

  5. Mix the lentils, shallot, fennel and dressing. Add the croutons, the remaining four halved anchovies, and more black pepper. Garnish with the fennel stalk leaves and serve.