Leek soup to cleanse the body and lose weight in 2 days

The vegetables They are one of the great allies for lose weight. It often becomes the most popular food in weight loss diets because it contains a lot of water, they provide fiber, they are light and have a slight diuretic property. They can be consumed in many ways but one of the most used in soups or broths.

The Leek It is a very versatile vegetable and is used very frequently in diets and especially in the form of broth. It is loaded with properties as it contains fiber, vitamin C, folate and B6. As for minerals, potassium and phosphorus stand out.

They are low in calories because they consist of a large percentage of water, they are diuretics and help us eliminate toxins. In fact, if this vegetable is known for anything, it is for its purifying power.

How to prepare purifying leek broth?

To do this detox soup You won’t need a lot of ingredients. in fact with a kilo of leeks and water will suffice.

  1. Wash the leeks with plenty of water. Then cut the dark green part of the trunk and leave the head and half of the trunk from. Reserve it to make broth.

  2. Put the leeks in a large pot and cover them with water. When it starts to boil, lower the heat and boil them for 20 or 30 minutes. Store the liquid in a container and place the leeks in a bowl.

Drinking is recommended a cup of broth every two hours. During meals or between hours advises eat leeks with a few drops of extra virgin olive oil, a few drops of lemon juice and a little salt and pepper.

This meal plan is very restrictive it should only be followed for 48 hours. So what is recommended is to follow a healthy and balanced food plan that goes with sports.