learn about the traditional dish of Japan

This dish is one of the most popular in restaurants and homes in Japan, it is usually eaten in the winter season. The nabeyaki udon it is cooked and served in individual clay pots. Mika Nishijima teaches us how to prepare it.

To stay healthy and fight low temperatures in the best possible way, we just have to encourage ourselves to prepare this dish of Japanese origin. It is a soup made from fresh pasta, vegetables, eggs and meat, which can also be fish or chicken.

Udon and soup cooked in a clay pot with a lid are a traditional recipe from the Asian country, hence the name nabeyaki udon comes as follows: nabe (pot), yaki (cooking) and udon (spaghetti).

If you have individual sized crock pots you can use them directly on the stove, however any small or personal pots you have are useful too. If you don’t have small pots, you can cook in a regular pot and eat it from a small bowl.

Here is the step by step of this recipe from the hand of Mika Nishijima.


100 g of fresh noodles

300 cc of water

30g of fish broth (Hondashi)

2 tablespoons of soy sauce

1 egg


Shingiku (green leaf)

Kamaboko which can be substituted for chicken, fish, beef or pork.


– Put the water, broth and soy sauce in a saucepan or saucepan.

– Once it boils, add the noodles, the vegetables, the kamaboko and finally the egg.

– Cover and boil until ready to serve.

About Mika Nishijima. Cook and owner of Moyashi Bean Sprouts. She is Paraguayan and the daughter of Japanese parents who have started making recipes that are easy, quick and above all nutritious.