Learn about the different types of gazpacho you can prepare for the summer

All culinary elaborations are offered to have thousands of variations in their composition. It all depends on the cook’s imagination. As with everything, there are those who love to experiment and there are those who are more faithful to tradition and do not want to alter the original recipe. One of the very common dishes in these hot months is the gazpacho, a vegetable-based soup served cold. Although the most recognized is the one traditionally called Andalusian, there are also variations that may surprise more than one.

Andalusian gazpacho

It is the most traditional and recognized, it can also be found ready-made in most supermarkets. Composed of tomatoes, green peppers, cucumber, Garlic, olive oil, Sherry vinegar, Waterfall Y salt (optionally you can add stale bread soaked), beat and leave to cool. A drink rich in flavor and very healthy.

green gazpacho

This variant differs in that green color which represents the name itself. To achieve this, you need to use vegetables with green tones such as cucumberthe celerythe green pepperthe lettuce waves spinachthe basil and the parsley. In addition you can add sugar, yogurt cream or ground pepper.

White gazpacho

This cold soup is particularly interesting since its preparation completely eliminates the vegetables that form the basis of the gazpacho. It is made on the basis of pinions, almonds, Corinthian raisins, Apple Y boiled egg. Hence, its hue is close to white.


Another variety that almost entirely forgoes vegetables. Here the eggthe Garlic and the stale bread take center stage. A variety of gazpacho that comes from the province of Malaga.

watermelon gazpacho

Not only vegetables are the protagonists of this refreshing dish. A good variety of fruit can also be implemented. One of these is the watermelon, which, since it contains a high percentage of juice, is ideal for adding it as the main ingredient of a gazpacho. The other ingredients are practically the same as the Andalusian gazpacho.

Strawberry Gazpacho

A gazpacho very similar to watermelon. In this case, if we want it to be something sweeter, some vegetables can be substituted for berries like raspberries. To give it more freshness, you can implement peppermint.