La Nación / These hairstyles promote hair loss

There are days when our hair pops out uncontrollably and a good way to counter this effect is to do some basic and versatile hairstyles that favor anyone, but did you know that many of them affect hair loss?

Counselors say there is nothing more elegant than the tail of hair because it allows us to be gorgeous in minutes and provides an elegant look for several moments, but its prolonged use promotes traction alopecia.

When we collect our hair and pull it back, we put stress on the hair follicles, which weakens them to the point that the fibers break easily. It is not the only consequence of the abuse of the ponytail, as it is also common to suffer from a headache when wearing this hairstyle.

Something similar happens with the sewn braids, normally to make them clean, the hair is stretched and fixed with the gel, this produces the same effect. A frequent mistake when doing this look is to comb it with damp hair, when we do not dry the hair well before styling it, the moisture remains deposited on the scalp and causes the pores to open and the hair fibers to weaken. to the point of falling. .

In recent times we have seen some celebrities impose the afro look. There is no doubt that totally braided hair has its appeal even more when you add colored synthetic hair strands, but when it comes to hair health it is dangerous.

Prolonged abuse causes abnormal tension, and hair soon weakens and falls out. This is because the follicles become inflamed, it can also cause bruising, peeling and rashes on the scalp.

A quick fix for those who want long hair or add density to their hair are extensions, however in the long run this has an impact on their hair. The attachment of the strands or tendons to the natural hair generates an overload in the follicles and after a while it produces considerable losses, even more so when the application is not well done.

Finally, hairstyles that involve the indiscriminate use of heat, the application of accessories such as stones or chains, even hair bands, also favor the premature loss of fibers.

It is not that it is forbidden to try different ways of combing, the ideal is to bring the hair as natural as possible, but in case you want to change for a special occasion, it is necessary to take preventive measures in order not to damage the hair and not to prolong the use of these looks.