La Nación / Pearlcore is the trend that’s here to stay

Pearls have returned to establish themselves in contemporary fashion, not just to adorn our necks. We can find them in different presentations such as clothing, clothing accessories and even cross genres.

For decades they have been associated with more classic and discreet styles, but today they are the protagonists of the most daring and disruptive looks. Known as “pearlcore,” they rank among influencers’ favorite tops, and we’ve already seen celebrities like Harry Style, A $ ap and Bad Bunny wearing them with all the wave.

So far in this 2022 pearls continue to reinvent themselves, designers play with different concepts such as the shades of these spheres and the combination with different metals, they not only create accessories such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings, but they have also invented garments such as how tops, bags, wallets and belts.

Trends are usually measured on social media, but to establish parameters we must also take into account that various luxury brands have included them on the catwalks. Companies such as Chanel, Tom Ford, Valentino, Simone Rocha and Carolina Herrera have made them the protagonists of their exhibitions.

The cinematic world has also highlighted them. An iconic character is “Carrie Bradshaw” from “Sex and the city”, decades ago she wore long pearl necklaces and today they recreated the same look in the reboot “And Just Like That …”

How to include them in your look?

You can opt for the “reliable oldies”: necklaces and chokers. The more daring can choose tops armed with these little spheres, and accessories such as bags and belts, also come in applications to add to hair and makeup, the best thing about this trend is that it invites to be creative and there isn’t. so they look bad