La Nación / Have you tried making a soup with soy milk?

Mika Nishijima challenges us with this super healthy recipe that can be made with Paraguayan soy production. Do you know all the benefits of soy milk?

Being a source of plant-based protein, it helps maintain good cholesterol levels, controls blood pressure, lowers blood sugar levels, and reduces symptoms of menopause.

It also strengthens the immune system, promotes weight loss, promotes muscle rebuilding and recovery, contains a large amount of fiber, helps prevent osteoporosis and is very good for the heart.

With these benefits you now know, it would be a great idea to incorporate this nutritious ingredient into our daily diet. So here’s an idea for a recipe from Mika Nishijima, using soy milk.


-500 ml of soy milk

1 potato

1 carrot

1 onion

1/2 leek

50 g of mushrooms

250 ml of water

1 vegetable broth

Salt and pepper to taste

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-First we cut the potato, carrot, mushrooms, onion and leek into cubes.

– Fry all these ingredients with a spoonful of butter

-Then add the water and cook over low heat.

-When we see that the vegetables soften, add the vegetable broth and soy milk.

– Season to taste and it’s ready to serve!

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About Mika Nishijima. Cook and owner of Moyashi Bean Sprouts. She is Paraguayan and the daughter of Japanese parents who have started making recipes that are easy, quick and above all nutritious.