La Jornada – Announcement of the suspension of food tariffs to contain inflation

Through a presidential decree, tariff collections on the import of certain foods – including cereals, proteins, fruits and vegetables -, as well as on basic supplies, will be suspended for six months. The objective of this measure is to mitigate the advance of inflation and, in particular, to prevent the costs of basic necessities from skyrocketing.

The Ministry of Finance and Public Credit has informed that on 13 May the changes to the tariffs contained in the Law on Import and Export Taxes will be published in the Official Gazette of the Federation. This is one of the measures of the Package against inflation and famine (Pacic), presented last week at the National Palace.

The document will ensure that no tariffs are charged for the import of 21 of the 24 products from a basic basket, as well as 5 strategic inputs, for six months; the objective is that importers and distributors can contain price increases towards final consumers.

Foods that will enter the country at zero rate are corn oil, palay rice, tuna, pork, chicken, beef, onion, jalapeño pepper, beans, eggs, toilet soap, tomato, milk, lemon, apple, orange, bread box. , potatoes, soup noodles, sardines, carrots; and the strategic inputs are maize flour, wheat flour, white maize, sorghum and wheat.

The Pacic also provides for the elimination of the compensatory quota for the import of ammonium sulphate, which is used as a fertilizer or as a raw material for the development of other chemical fertilizers.