Know the 6 different types of ramen

The ramen It is a type of Japanese dish that is very popular all over the world. however, it has been adapted to each region by adding ingredients and changing how they are prepared and how they are eaten. It consists of a soup of meat, chicken and fish, broth and vegetables, soy sauce, eggs and the main ingredient: long wheat flour noodles.

He is originally said to have been born in China but after World War II, Japan adopted it adding ingredients that provide the famous umami flavor. It ended up being one of the typical dishes of his gastronomy.

Each region of the “land of the rising sun” prepares it differently according to their uses, customs and what their lands produce; for example on the coast you will have more fish while in the mountains you will have more mushrooms and meat.

To begin with, we need to talk about the broth. The biggest ones are called “Cotteri” while the lightest “Assari”. There are several combinations between “Assari” and “Kotteri” which will give rise to different types of ramen.

6 types of ramen


It is one of the varieties of ramen simpler, older and more traditional. It is salty and they add the seaweed; indeed “Shoo” means “salt”. It has a transparent chicken and pork broth.


It is a ramen made with pork broth and thin, smooth noodles. They usually add chasu, chives, porcini mushrooms, and spiced mustard. The soup is seasoned with shio (a traditional Japanese seasoning fermented from rice and salt) to keep it white.


This type of ramen is made with chicken broth accompanied by thin noodles, finely chopped chives and spiced bean paste.


This is a combination that most ramen fans like and the most common in the world. It is very easy to find in the West. It is made with chicken and pork broth topped with dashi and served with medium thick curly noodles. They usually add roasted pork, chives, and hard-boiled egg.

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It is the reddest ramen, usually has thick noodles, pork, chicken or fish broth, miso, chasu and hard boiled eggs. They accompany it with pork, corn, cabbage and ginger.


It is very easy to identify it because it is served on two plates. In one there is a spicier broth than in other types of ramen and in another there is a greater amount of cold noodles. It is eaten by taking some noodles and dipping them in the broth.

Within Japan, each region cooks and consumes ramen according to their tastes, traditions and what their land produces. In this way they prepare different types of ramen: