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Meeting amazing people along the way is a gift. People always available to help, always friendly, work with passion and give a smile. One of these is PP Torre: businessman, customer service experience instructor, speaker, broker, founding partner of PP Man, factory of events, quality auditor, clubhouser and clubcaster; creator of the RTBR concept and of the “Sin Comercial” podcast in which he proposes small capsules to learn how to stop selling and, better still, learn how to do everything necessary for them to buy from us.

We talked about the keywords of the digital world, which allow us to make sense of our projects. PP suggests an important list of concepts that encourage us to reflect on them; Today we live in the age of information and digitization.

  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Accessibility
  • Service
  • Experience
  • Warranty
  • Support
  • Innovation, Creativity
  • Originality
  • Contents
  • Credibility
  • integrity
  • Respect

Some of the advantages of “digital” are:

  1. Reduce costs,
  2. Promote innovation,
  3. Create new business opportunities,
  4. Promote collaborative work,
  5. improve productivity
  6. Approach with customers

As a last tip, PP Torre shares with us that it is essential to invest in service and quality.

Instead, I would like to share with you that a few days ago I had the opportunity to speak with Luis Enrique Pereira, graduate in Gastronomy from the Universidad Argentina de la Empresa, graduate in Culinary Arts from the Inter-American University of Costa Rica, creator of the digital space “Tastings Theoretical”, originally from Costa Rica. We speak of “Costa Rican gastronomy in memory” and it is that memory, the bonds we establish with our individual and collective identity, the principles of flavor (combinations of ingredients typical of a culture; in Costa Rica call them “smells”) and the very biology of the human being are deeply linked to the act of eating.

Costa Rica is located in Central America, bordered to the north with Nicaragua, to the east with the Caribbean Sea, to the southeast with Panama and to the west with the Pacific Ocean, so its biodiversity is wide, its climate is tropical establishes it as a biological corridor, a mosaic of factors in which the history of its original peoples has given way to the creation of a mixed gastronomy with European, African, Sephardic and local touches.

The country is divided into 7 capitals: Alajuela, Cartago, Heredia, Guanacaste, Puntarenas, Limón and San José; the capital. And for this there are also different types of gastronomy depending on the region. For example: the Central Valley (black soup, meatball soup, minced meat, vegetables and / or tubers), the Guanacaste area (cereals, including corn, roasted, fried), chorotega (corn based *) and the Lemon (with excellent African influence, use of leaves and tubers).

* It is worth remembering that, in the imaginary aspect, the worldview of the indigenous peoples of this area “believed that men were made of wheat”.

Among the main ingredients stand out rice, beans, corn, seafood and a variety of fruit: water apple, granadilla, cas, medlar, naranjilla, guava, pejivalle and strawberries. We can also find jocote, cashew, breadfruit and as an endemic ingredient of the country the “tacaco” (it’s a bit like chayote), which is a vegetable that provides iron, potassium, calcium, vitamin A, fibers, etc. . When they are old, they become like stone.

Among the most representative dishes of the country: gallo pinto, casado (combined dish), pot of meat, empanadas, galli (what we call “tacos” in Mexico), ceviches, rice dishes, tamales, among others.

Memories tell us about the past, about the symbols of affection, about the preservation of a person or an event. They can be voluntary or involuntary and it is so “suddenly” that gastronomy can evoke and transport us to a memory that was thought to be forgotten, not only by the olfactory memory but also by the taste. It is called the Proust or Proust effect.

Tell me, what causes that effect in you? What long-awaited flavor do you keep in your memory? What reminds you of the great moments in your life?

Thanks for reading me one more week. Receive many greetings dear reader.

By Marletza