The onion soup It is a classic recipe perfect for cold days. It’s made with cheap ingredients, which we all have in our pantry, and it’s very easy to make. come on one of those grandmother’s recipes that will never go out of style.

Carlo Arguinano It is done in the most traditional way, by frying the onions cut into julienne strips, then cooking them with the poultry broth and serving the soup with croutons spread with garlic and au gratin with grated cheese.

But also add an ingredient which completely transforms the soup, adding flavor and nutrients: Brussels sprouts. She revealed this in her Cocina Abierta program on Antena3. First clean them, removing the stem and the first outer leaves. Then he cuts them in half and adds them to the pan when the onion is already browned. After 15-20 minutes of cooking, the Brussels sprouts are ready.

Cut the Brussels sprouts in half
Easy cooking

A super good idea that we will try in Easy Kitchen one of these days. We will be adding Brussels sprouts to all of our onion soup recipes. And if you like the idea of ​​adding vegetables to this soup but you don’t like Brussels sprouts too much (or you haven’t found them at the supermarket), you can make this other recipe, in which pepper, cabbage and leek, as well as a few cubes of Serrano ham.

Onion soup with vegetables

Onion soup with vegetables