José Carlos García celebrates the 10th anniversary of his restaurant with Martn Berasategui

José Carlos García celebrates the tenth anniversary of his restaurant in Malaga with an exclusive dinner. The menu has been prepared in collaboration with his teacher Martn Berasategui and can be enjoyed tomorrow.

Is there anything more appetizing than a Menu prepared by a chef Michelin star? Yes, a menu cooked by two Michelin star chefs. And if you add a to that premise celebration tintan emotional bond between the chefs and a privileged enclave, the evening should be absolutely unforgettable.

Jose Carlos García Restaurantin Malaga, celebrates this year being 2022 tenth anniversary. A milestone that this restaurant, one of the gastronomic temples of the Andalusian coast, commemorates with a special menu based on the most emblematic dishes of its history.

But it’s not the only celebration of its first decade. Chef José Carlos García -with a Michelin star Y two Repsol suns– ally with their master Martin Berasategui -which adds up to a whopping 12 stars- for an unforgettable night.

The José Carlos García restaurant celebrates its 10th anniversary

Jose Carlos García wears 25 years old is dedicated to kitchen crafts and has Martn Berasategui among his teachers. His kitchen connects innovative technology with the andalusian tradition, overlooking the sea and the products from nearby and also influenced by the flavors of the world.

A gastronomy very faithful their roots and family heritage, with his “rock & roll touch”, as he says himself. In addition, the spectacular terrace overlooking the port is a “must see” for anyone visiting the city of Malaga.

Prawns marinated in roasted pepper juice from the 10th anniversary menu at Jos Carlos Garca restaurant

The José Carlos García restaurant celebrates its anniversary with Martn Berasategui

the next Wednesday June 8th A stellar gastronomic event is taking place. José Carlos García and Martín Berasategui serve a unique menu on a very special night. It’s not the first time teachers and students have shared their names at a culinary event, as they both collaborated with ChefsForChildren, a fundraiser solidarity gala, last May Down in Spain which took place in Marbella.

The exclusive tenth anniversary dinner begins with a previous cocktail on the sensational terrace of the Jos Carlos Garca restaurant with privileged panoramic views of the city. As an appetizer, the guests are tasted five appetizers: a poultry parfait with Pedro Ximnez and cocoa, sunflower seed powder, Malaga Ajoblanco with red wine and vanilla granita and natural oyster with basil and ginger foam.

The tasting menu for the tenth anniversary of the José Carlos García restaurant

After the cocktail and aperitif, the magnificent tasting menu from seven passes. Start with an iconic dish from Martn Berasategui: caramelized millefeuille from goose liver, smoked eel, fresh spring onion and sour apple. then macerated shrimp in roasted pepper juice, in this case an emblematic dish of José Carlos García, which is a nod to the roasted pepper salad his parents made in their family restaurant.


Two-choice picnic with beluga black lentil stew and cha seeds from the 10th anniversary menu at Jos Carlos Garca restaurant

follows a Malaga shrimp carpaccio with his coral and dried fruit vinaigrette by José Carlos García; the red mullet with cauliflower flakes and liquid potato curry oquis, also from Berasategui; the confit cod in olive oil and seasonal pea soup, by Jos Carlos Garca and to finish the salty part, another dish by Master Berasategui, such as Dove in two dishes with beluga black lentil stew and cha seeds.

The final touch for this menu comes with the sweet momenta dessert consisting of a Coffee quark cream with licorice ice cream and black ink tile.

According to that basement, cellar for the evening, Vila Viniteca sommeliers are responsible for the selection and contribution of the wines of the following references and vintages: Gramona III Lustros 2013, Muchada Lclapart Univers 2019, Mujer Can 2018 and La Cueva del Contador 2015. The perfect pairing is guaranteed.

Poultry parfait with Pedro Ximenez and cocoa, part of the menu

Poultry parfait with Pedro Ximnez and cocoa, part of the 10th anniversary menu at Jos Carlos Garca restaurant

The gastronomic union between José Carlos García and Martín Berasategui

Regarding the event, the chef Jos Carlos García emphasizes that “this appointment symbolizes a lot of what I feel when welcome Martn Berasategui to my home cooking together and for all that it has meant in my professional career my first great teacher“Since that June 1997 I can only remember the wonderful moments I shared with a group of wonderful professionals named Joseba Lezama, David Beltrn, Iaki Arregui and Scar Velasco, led by a man like Martn with infinite talent for cooking and for business. and from whom I learned the most important thing in my craft, the Humility to share his wisdom among the apprentices who came to his kitchen from all over the world, eager to learn,” he adds.


Martn Berasategui was the teacher of José Carlos García

For his part, Martn Berasategui admits that “José Carlos inviting me to his house to celebrate his tenth birthday is more than a present for me. A night to remember where we will enjoy and celebrate all the good things that have happened since 1997. He was a very excellent student and with a exceptional human quality. He just proved it to us and started to write the beginning of a long story.”

The tenth anniversary dinner of the José Carlos García Restaurante with Martín Berasategui will have a limited capacity. Therefore it will be necessary formalize prior reservation on the phone +34 952 003 588. The price of the tasting menu is 200 euros per personincluded with the pairing.