Joaquín Levinton was eliminated from MasterChef Celebrity La Revancha

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Juariu he was the first to introduce his preparation, which included spicy curry, yamani rice with vegetables and roasted eggplant, portobellos, goat cheese, fried cabbage and almonds. The influencer received all the praise from the jury. “Everything is as it should be. how have you improved Juariu! “, he indicated betulare.


“Cauliflower flower,” he called Sofia Pacano on the plate: cauliflower with carrot and potato puree, cherry tomatoes and black olive crumble. “I expected a little more from your vegetarian dish”Said Martitegui.

Joaquin LevintonMeanwhile, he has prepared a chorizo ​​steak with mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes, roasted eggplant and fresh tomato salad. “ There is good taste, but that’s it”, He condemned Donated on the task of the musician.

In the end, Vicky Xipolitakis presented a “Mediterranean feast”: baked anchovies with vegetables and aromatic herbs. “It’s spectacular, the fish is at the perfect point and all the vegetables are fine,” she praised her. martitegui. “This dish is so simple and so perfect at the same time that I have nothing to say“, He added betulare.

As expected from the positive feedback received, vicky Y Juariu They were the first to advance to the round.


After, the jury announced it Levinton I had to leave the contest. “If I got this revenge it’s because I really enjoyed being here,” said the band’s lead singer turf.

“When they called me again I was happy, I love being here. For me it’s like a game and i liked it very much”, Continued Joaquín, who wished teammates good luck for the definition.

And before leaving the program, the musician expressed his expectations for the final: “The truth is that I would like him to win. vickyI like him very much, he is a very happy person “.

Who is still in the race?

After departures from Micaela Viciconte, The Polish, Giorgina Barbarossa, Mary O’Donnell, Analia Francin and now from Joaquin Levintonnothing more than three participants are still trying to keep the title of winner from Celebrity of the master chef Revenge: Juariu, Vicky Xipolitakis Y Sofia Pacano.


What is La Revancha’s prize?

The three finalists will win a one-year scholarship to a renowned cooking school. And the prize for the winner of Celebrity MasterChef Revenge They are 1,500,000 pesos. Every Sunday, one participant leaves the contest.