It’s asparagus season! 10 Arguiñano recipes you need to know

Green asparagus (just like white asparagus), thanks to their low calorie content and good fiber content, are perfect for people on a weight loss diet.

As summer approaches, what better way to take advantage of the season and the properties of asparagus with these 10 recipes from Arguiñano: sauteed, grilled, accompanied by different sauces, in salmorejo, in the shape of a pie or even in soup.

Choose the one you like best because all of them are easy to make and very good for your health.

Salmorejo of green asparagus

Get used to eating the usual salmorejo, this recipe becomes the most summery and creative way to enjoy the asparagus season. If you haven’t tried it yet, don’t wait any longer. Its unique flavor and freshness will leave you with a great taste in your mouth. We invite you to start by preparing this asparagus recipe, but don’t miss the rest!

Asparagus with trout roe

A new recipe and with an explosion of flavor from the first bite. It is very easy to make, and on this occasion Arguiñano accompanies them with a parsley mayonnaise with a pop of color.

Asparagus Noodle Soup

For lovers of spoon dishes, this recipe becomes the ideal option. You already know that Arguiñano always enriches broths with all the properties of vegetables.

Mullet in puff pastry and asparagus crust

As funny as it is rich. It can be a perfect occasion to prepare them with the little ones of the house. The asparagus that accompanies this recipe they are perhaps the simplest and easiest version to prepare.

White asparagus pie with crispy cheese

A very easy recipe to make and this requires very little work, since by mashing the ingredients and putting it in the oven, you will have it ready. “Just grind and cook!” Says Karlos Arguiñano.

Green asparagus cream with fried bread

This recipe is done in the blink of an eye. And as he himself says, if it is done in large quantities it can be frozen and saved for another day. He also teaches us how to cut and fry slices of bread to accompany it with the cream.

Green asparagus with lactones

Arguiñano elaborated this spectacular recipe with “little cost and little work”. Once again, the chef manages to make the most of this great seasonal food. Also, he accompanies lactonesa – the best option for hot days.

Asparagus with mustard sauce

You see Arguiñano innovating on this occasion make a different sauce of mustard which supposes the perfect combination of flavors.

Grilled asparagus with bagna cauda

IS the recipe has a spectacular Italian sauce. If the asparagus is very thick, it will be necessary to cook it before grilling it, but if it is thin, just peel it well and cook it directly on the grill.

Green asparagus and surimi pudding

We conclude our 10 best asparagus recipes with this magnificent pudding which, in addition to being very good, is “very easy to make”. Most importantly, it can be prepared the day before.