Inflation. Consumers save 100 pesos in the basic basket in 15 days

Mexico City /

The Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF) published last Monday the presidential decree by which import duties on some products of the basic basket are eliminated.

12 days after the Federal Executive announced this measure to counter the effects of inflation, the reduction in the price of some products favored the consumer.

MILLENNIUM he compared the price of 24 products in the basic basket in which he identified a favorable difference of one hundred pesos between 15 days ago, when the announcement was made, and the day it was made official.

The foods that lost the price the most were beef, 15 pesos; lemon, about 16 pesos; apple, 20 pesos; and beans, ten pesos.

While the tuna and the egg increased by about two and five pesos respectively, the same as the loaf, seven pesos; toilet paper and potatoes have gained a weight.

Although the price difference may vary depending on the establishment and the area of ​​purchase, the products that apparently keep the cost unchanged from 15 days ago are: vegetable oil, rice, chili, pork, noodle soup and carrots.

Thus, the shopping list was completed with fresh food of animal origin, fruit, vegetables, canned or non-perishable, as well as personal hygiene. The past total was 1,246 pesos and the most recent was 1,146 pesos.