Indert Farm Fair in homage to the mother and fatherland – Nationals

Today in Tacuary and Mariscal Estigarribia, in Asunción, near Indert, an assorted farmers fair is held. Producers from various departments of the country offer all kinds of products, including legumes, vegetables, cheese and Paraguayan pork, duck and even turkey meat, at attractive prices.

The farmer’s fair int (National Institute for Rural and Territorial Development) offers this Friday a rich variety of products from different departments of the country. Among them you can find Paraguayan cheese, cane syrup, beans, peanuts, pork fat, corn, starch, eggs, vegetables, sweet potatoes and shelled peanuts. Also pork, chicken, duck and turkey.

Some of the prices shown are, for example, whole duck at G. 50.000, peanuts with shell at G. 8.000 and sweet potato at G. 3.000.

On the other hand, they also have typical and traditional country food ready to eat for sale. Among these, Mrs. Gladys Bareiro, from Santa Rosa del Aguaray, proposes the ‘kit for great men’, which contains a Milanese of meat, a homemade chicken marinade, a soup and a piece of cassava, which costs G. 25,000. . Also rolled up to G. 5,000.

It also has seafood, so’o soup, huiti peas, croquettes, and sausage.

Among the fruits and vegetables they offer lemon, orange, pumpkin, etc.