I ate soup at the restaurant, something unexpected, he complained and got an outrageous response | Chronicle

Social networks have become a vital tool for people to complain or spread bad experiences in restaurants. Whether it’s high tickets, mistreatment, or missed orders, users turn to a platform to request. And despite the publications they tend to go viral, that doesn’t mean customers get the answer they’re looking for.

This is exactly what happened to a young Mexican woman who went to her account Twitter to share the unusual item he found in his soup.

“The secret ingredient for a good vegetable soup … are the copper staples. Enjoy your meal!”“, he wrote ena brian together with the photo of the find. In the lower part of the image you can clearly see the metal hook.

The posting also included the local and shopping of the controversy: a branch of Sanborns, located in Perisur, one of the most important shopping centers in the capital of Mexico.

However, to everyone’s surprise, the restaurant chain merely replied in a mocking tone: “We appreciate your preference, Ena. Enjoy your meal!”, the official report of the establishment replied.

As expected, both the image with the hook and the sarcastic response have sparked outrage among Internet usersyes, because they thought the company didn’t take diners’ complaints seriously. In this context, Sanborns decided to comment on the post again, this time asking for more information to “review the problem”.

“We ask you to provide us with more information via DM, to investigate the problem. We are here to serve youwrote the restaurant.

So far it is not known whether the young woman and the place have reached an agreement; independently or with the intervention of the corresponding consumer protection organizations.

The photograph of the unexpected object found in the soup.