How to take the salt out of your food! Sugar doesn’t always save you


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Learning to cook can be easy; however, that doesn’t save anyone from occasional mistakes, especially when it comes to our Pininos cuisine; for example drumsticks with BBQ chicken. One of the most common mistakes is cooking with too much salt; However, there are some simple tricks to remove the salt from food.

According to experts, sugar is the most important ally of cooks, but not always this ingredient can “save” a stew and prevent you from eating it with disgust or throwing it away at the end.

Practical tips to help you get rid of the salt in your food:

  • Do you have a hearty soup or stew? Add a large chunk of raw potato and wait for it to cook before removing.
  • Did you miss the salt in the beans or lentils? Add a half-cooked potato to the center of the pot for 15 minutes.
  • Did you make a creamy and extremely salty stew? Just add a large spoonful of milk.
  • Has your pasta turned salty? Put the water in the fridge and when it’s cold enough add it to the stew.
  • If your soup or stew contains cooked vegetables or food, remove them from the pot and place them in unsalted water. Leave them for a few minutes and return them later.

  • Acidic ingredients like lemon go well with almost any dish, but just like sugar, you have to be very careful not to overdo it.
  • For stews or salty meats, it is advisable to add a piece of piloncillo or a pinch of sugar.

If you have already tried all these remedies to remove saltiness from food and nothing happens, you can try serving the dish very hot as the temperature will mask the salty taste so you and your family can enjoy it without any problems.