How to make applesauce

When summer and heat arrive, what the body always asks us for are products and foods that nourish us but also that are fresh and not too heavy. This is why some of the main dishes are salads, juices, natural ice creams and cold soups. Within the latter group in Spain they have known this for a while, as there are two of the most delicious cold soups for the summer; gazpacho and salmorejo.

Both are made with seasonal vegetables and eating them not only refreshes us but also boosts all of our vitamin levels. However, between the two, the salmorejo can be a bit denser, as it contains more bread and has a denser texture. That’s why we want to give you an ideal recipe if you are looking for a light salmorejo but with the same delicious flavor. In this article we will explain a HOW how to make applesauce.

4 diners
15 minutes
low difficulty


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Steps to follow:


The first thing you should do is wash the tomatoes and apples well to remove residual dirt e core apples. It is not necessary to remove the skin as this will give a more bitter and richer touch, but you can remove it if you prefer.

How to make apple salmorejo - Step 1


Now peel the garlic clove and remove the germ greenish that they have inside so that there is not too strong a flavor. This makes it harder to repeat and upset the stomach.

How to make apple salmorejo - Step 2


Dice the tomatoes into pieces that can be machined or churned and, if desired, season with salt before blending or processing the ingredients.

How to make apple salmorejo - Step 3


have all the ready the solid ingredients and put them in a container or directly into the jar of the food processor, mincer or blender. Start to chop the apple, tomato and garlic little by little until a kind of compost begins to form.

How to make apple salmorejo - Step 4


When it has started to have a certain consistency, it’s time to add the liquids. First the spoons of Apple cider vinegarso that its acidity is well impregnated in the dough and subsequently the oil little by little through a thin thread while you do not stop beating or process.

How to make apple salmorejo - Step 5


The key to adding oil slowly is that it can emulsify, so if you’re doing this with a mixer, you’ll need to be about 20 minutes of typing so that it takes consistency and consistency. If you do it with a processor, with only 5 minutes it will be enough


Once ready, it is not yet ready to be consumed as it must be served as cold as possible to improve its consistency and also to have that fresh flavor that characterizes it. It is recommended that leave it for at least 2 hours in the fridge.


After this time it is ready to be tasted. Following the tradition of the classic salmorejo, it can be added on top of a grated hard-boiled egg, a few strips of Serrano ham or pieces of bread or croutons. In this way the salmorejo will be more complete and with bumps.

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How to make apple salmorejo - Step 8

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  • Although it has an apple, it is not meant to make it look like a sweet soup, but what is meant is to use its texture to simulate the texture of the original salmorejo. That is why it is important to choose a type of Golden apple with peel, as it is not the sweetest and its texture is lumpy and juicy.
  • This salmorejo is ideal if you don’t want to give up on eating something delicious, typical and fresh in the summer but are thinking of making it healthy and light. The original salmorejo contains much more garlic and the texture is also achieved with bread, making it more difficult to digest.
  • Eggs and ham are options but, if you’re vegan or don’t want to add extra fat to your dish, you can always choose to add another type of seasoning such as tomato, onion and pepper, finely chopped and sprinkled on top.
  • Salmorejo, like gazpacho, is a source of nutrients and vitamins. However, excess oil in the case of salmorejo means that it is not recommended to add it periodically to a balanced diet. Even so, if you choose to make this apple version, you will lighten the result a bit.
  • It is important that the tomatoes you choose are very ripe so that you can provide all the juice and flavor inside and, furthermore, because if they are very green it will be more difficult to get the creamy consistency of the oil emulsion.
  • Since these are fresh products, once you have prepared this recipe you can keep it in the refrigerator to be able to take it in multiple compartments, but it should not be for more than 3 days as it can start to lose properties and go bad. If not, you can always freeze a portion.