How much does a good soup cost to fight the cold wave

To make a soup for four servings, about $ 135 is required. This (approximate) value emerges on the basis of a survey carried out this Tuesday by L’Osservatore con a precise list of ingredients.

At a time when the country is experiencing a powerful cold wave that is expected to last until Thursday – although winter has not yet begun –the demand for the products necessary for the preparation of a typical seasonal dish has increasedwith multiple recourse for the consumer: the prices are stable, they have not skyrocketed, the offer is good and the quality too.

Chef Diego Ruete provided his list of ingredients for a typical soup: an onion, a stalk of celery, a leek, a potato, a sweet potato, a carrot, a piece of pumpkin, plus salt, pepper and bay leaf, all in a pot with three liters of water.

Cost of that soup for four people

  • An onion $ 16
  • A stalk of celery $ 5
  • A leek $ 15
  • A $ 16 potato
  • A $ 20 sweet potato
  • A $ 13 carrot
  • A piece of pumpkin $ 45
  • Salt, pepper and bay leaves $ 5

Source: Posta La Curva, in Yaguarón between San José and Soriano

that cost, just over $ 30 per dishit varies if you change some ingredients, but not substantially, unless the decision is to add only products, especially if you do not add only vegetables and add meat and / or noodles.

An alternative ingredient for a soup.

In evidence Juan Marenco, from the La Curva stall The observer That the demand for vegetables such as those mentioned, and others that can be used in a soup such as corn, for example, has been growing for several days. The first few days with low temperatures towards the end of autumn were barely on the calendar, albeit this one it rose sharply earlier this week as the cold spell hit the country.

The trader commented that the customer has started purchasing more products that are ideal for making soups and other pot foods, such as those eaten hot. He also mentioned it in the clientele there is a significant number of young people who choose to prepare this type of food.

“Many people come and choose as they please. Other customers ask you to make them the assortment of what they need for a soup or a serving dish, so, here we prepare it and in any case later they take something away or add something, according to their taste, “she said.

As for the prices, “they are at stable levels, reasonable for the consumer,” he considered.

Marenco acquires its goods in a mixed way, going to the Metropolitan Agri-food Unit (UAM) or to the farmers who come to their kiosk to offer their goods.