How do you keep your bananas longer? Here are some tips?

That hot season We love it because it’s best to consume way more fruits and vegetables than usual because the weather just makes us want something light, rich and allows us to live that train station of the year to the maximum. And yes, many of the recipes are linked to the fruit and that is why we must consume everything at the moment to keep it as fresh as possible. However, keeping them in good condition is not always the case.

However, the truth is that although it is one of the times more fertile for fruitthe truth is that we also need to be very careful about how we treat it, especially if we want to extend its lifespan a bit. useful lifeWell, if you live in an extremely hot place, you know that the first thing that falls is definitely that fruit, especially when it is already more or less ripe. And that’s it until it affects that selection of food in the market.