Hiking in Bavaria: Tour of the German Alps

We’ll find out how they did it small museum that there is in a booth at the end, just before going through the ticket office (access costs 6 euros, which is closed in winter when it fills with snow).

The path now continues a beech forest to the hamlet of Hammersbach (770 m), from where we drive to the Eibsee. Benjamin, an expert guide in Climb.

With the We took the cable car to the top Zugspitze, walk through clouds like we’re going up to the same sky. Building on top (despite all logic) a three-story station where there are all kinds of services (from shop to restaurant).

You go up to three different cable cars: ours, the one that goes up from Austria (we’re on the border), and the one that connects you to the cog railway station. but Most impressive are the views from its vantage pointswith a 360ยบ panoramic view of the Alps and a Free fall from hundreds of meters.

One of the vantage points at the Zugspitze station.Zugspitze

From one of them, a small access leads to the summit in question, which, like so many others, is crowned by a cross. There are those who cross it without any kind of security, but our guide distributed it Helmets, harnesses and carabiners to get addicted to the via ferrata (if you have a head for heights).

After the feat, we will eat at the station’s buffet itself, with a multilingual chef who will advise us on his wide range of dishes: Braised beef, Curruwurst, pizzas, lasagne and various vegetarian dishes.

Back on solid ground, we take a short walk around the Eibsee, where the bravest dare to swim. Likewise There are beach bars and companies canoe rentalall with the imposing Zugspitze overhead.