German restaurants in Madrid and what to order there

when I talk to you about it German restaurants in Madrid, we must first make a clarification. There are no premises exclusively dedicated to Teutonic haute cuisine. But there are many where you can enjoy the main typical dishes of German cuisine.

These are very varied and are prepared with fish, meat, vegetables or even pasta. Among them, it is almost obligatory to mention those sauerkraut, a kind of cabbage in brine; pasta like naked or the spaetzle; Breads like the famous one pretzel; the pork knuckle waves Saxon schnitzel. However, we must not forget about the popular sausages which are made in a variety of ways. For example, bratwurst are made with raw meat while the boiled sausage They are made with a different broth. You can enjoy all these delicacies and many more in the German restaurants in Madrid. Let’s see some of them.



A Brezel or Bretzel, typical bread from Germany

In the heart of Madrid, very close to the Spain Squareyou will find this typical German beer hall in the style of Bavaria. Its magnificent location makes it very easy for you to arrive at any time of the day. His menu combines German dishes with other traditional dishes from our country.

But you can, for example, enjoy a delicious knuckle, a good monkfish or a piece swirl with a real beer. But if you want something more complex, you can also order one goulash with its meat stewed in onions and peppers.

The Kruger also offers you the option of reserving a table and paying by credit card. It also has free parking and wifi. Likewise, you can enjoy their dishes from home as they have a home delivery service.

Horcher, a classic among German restaurants in Madrid

pork knuckle

pork knuckle

Maybe this is the German restaurant in Madrid through excellence. Founded by Otto Horcher In 1943, in the likeness and likeness of the namesake his father had in Berlin, he experienced a golden age in which he was one of the most luxurious in the Spanish capital.

Over the years it has experienced different moments but has not lost the original quality of its dishes. We recommend delicacies such as goulash With paprika Y splintersthe Tuna tartare and like cake Baumkuchen with ice cream, whipped cream or hot chocolate.

Horcher is located on Calle Alfonso XII, opposite the retirement park and it also stands out for its spectacular decoration with Nymphenburg porcelain, engravings and lithographs. Your visit will be a bit more expensive than the previous restaurant, but you won’t regret it.



Goulash, one of the dishes you can taste in German restaurants in Madrid

We return to another popular brewery in Madrid, which became famous at the time because it was the one that offered the most references of this drink per square meter. If you want to taste a good German beer, we recommend this place founded by Jose Luis Ramirez twenty five years ago.

By the way, you can ask for one cheese board and pie, a sauerkraut with Nuremberg or Viennese sausagesa Nordic sandwich or a salmon tartare. But since one cannot harm the other, you can also try exquisite Madrid-style tripe. You will find the Oldenburg on the Hartzenbuschstrvery close to Bilbao and Quevedo metro stations.



A plate of cress with mushrooms

We are now going to an area that is so traditional and with a tradition of hospitality Chamberi to tell you something about the brewery L’Europe. Furnished in the purest German style, with brick walls and lots of wood, it offers you numerous dishes to share, characterized by richness and taste.

Including some good ones pasta saladsa ankle or a Selection of different sausages with side dish. But also hot dogs Saxon schnitzel. And finally a good cake menu or something similar swirl.

You can find this brewery in the Cardenal Cisneros Street, very close to Oldenburg and Fuencarral Street. As we have already told you, you have several metro stations nearby, but if you prefer to get around with your car, there is also parking in the area.



Schnitzel with its side dish

Opened in 1985, this brewery is characterized by a large selection of labels (more than a hundred) and seven rotating taps per week. More typical is the food, which includes German-style hamburgers, hot dogs, and sandwiches. But you can also order one ankle knuckledifferent sausages, German salad or cheese and smoked tables.

Baden Baden is located on Germán Pérez Carrasco Street, between the Simancas and Quintana neighborhoods and parallel to Alcalá Street, in the area of San Blas Canillejas. In addition, it offers frequently Promotions that can make your meal even cheaper.

barrel/barrel grill


The popular Frankfurters

It has premises in Chamartín and Arturo Soria and has been a reference for German restaurants in Madrid for more than forty years. The sausages they offer you are made by them own master butcher and boast that their ankle is made with a secret recipe. But you can also try their different potatoes, theirs swirl and their beers.

You can even order your dishes to take away, although they are not served at home you have to fetch them. However, it has parking and you can also make a reservation. In addition, on weekdays they offer you a Having lunch either Having lunch consisting of two dishes for less than ten euros.

Oktoberfest beer garden


cheesecake or cheesecake

This place with typical Bavarian decoration is located on Calle del Maestro Ángel Llorca, in the neighborhood of Beautiful valley, near the Polytechnic University of Madrid. It offers you an extensive selection of beers, including the Erdinger.

And they offer you dishes such as fried or boiled knuckles, a selection of sausages, Bismark herring loinsthe Berlin cake or the popular breads pretzel. On the other hand, you can also reserve your table on the terrace in advance.



Sauerkraut with a Saxon schnitzel

You can find this popular brewery on Calle Olite in the district Tetouan, close to Alvarado and Estrecho metro stations. We recommend you try their craft beers, although they also have English and of course German beers.

In terms of food, you will find both Germanic and Spanish dishes. Among the first are the inevitable sausages, beef, knuckles, German salads and a yummy pretzel the they make themselves.

What can you order at these places?

Black Forest cake

Black Forest cake

After showing you some of the best German restaurants in Madrid, let’s tell you a little about the typical dishes you can taste there. So you can enjoy the Teutonic gastronomy, which is very rich and varied.

We have already mentioned some such as goulashthis is a beef stew with onions and peppers and is usually served with it sauerkrautpotatoes or split. We also mentioned the latter and it is a very popular pasta in the southern federal states. Besides, they are famous pretzela form of braided bread, and sausages in their various forms.

As for the meat, you can order a Cutlet, that is nothing more than a fillet breaded in fine flour and fried with butter. It is served with fried fish and eggs and white bread. But baked beans and potatoes are also used as a garnish.

On the other hand the cashier It is made with pork. It’s a good cut of meat that’s salted and smoked. Usually it is accompanied by sauerkraut and mashed potatoes. This recipe is part of Berlin cuisine and its origins date back to the 19th century.

For their part, the dumplings They are potato balls accompanied by other ingredients and boiled in salted water. Including flour, quark, semolina and bread. Adding meat creates a type of meatball, which has different names depending on the area. For example, meatballs either Liver dumpling.


the popular beer

Fish also plays an important role in German cuisine. In the northern areas there is a lot of consumption herring. Exactly, one of the most typical appetizers is this rollmops, whose elaboration is very simple. It is a marinated herring fillet rolled up on a pickle and is generally eaten with onion rings also marinated.

Cod, salmon and turbot are also commonly consumed in the North Sea regions. On the other hand, in areas near rivers that smoked eel and the trout. to the latter in Black Forest It is consumed on a large scale papillot.

But a country like Germany, which is typically cold, must have a good supply of high-calorie and nutrient-dense stews. That turnip stew It is prepared with beets and meat and is very popular in Lower Saxony and in Swabia lentils are eaten with noodles Gaisburger Marchschthis is a noodle soup stuffed with meat, parsley, celery and other vegetables previously fried in butter.

As for desserts, we have already told you about the famous ones swirl, which is a type of cake filled with apple or curd cheese, although other products can be used for this. Also very popular Black Forest cake, which has a chocolate sponge cake dipped in kirsch, cream and cherries. And we can tell you about that Cheesecake or cheesecake.

Finally, when it comes to drinks, we don’t need to mention the beer. But the Germans also drink a lot of coffee and tea. Curiouser is the juice spritzerthat carries, that carries mineral water and fruit juice, mostly apple.

Finally, we have shown you some German restaurants in Madrid. But we also wanted to talk to you about a few typical dishes Teutonic gastronomy so that when you visit these places you have a wide variety of products to choose from. Dare to try them, don’t you think they’re delicious?

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