Gazpacho: seven mistakes to avoid

the gazpacho is one of the most typical dishes of the summer. Its origins date back to time of the Roman Empire, when a kind of soup was cooked, typical of the poor classes, which consisted of hard bread, garlic, water, oil and vinegar. They found it more nutritious than water and also refreshing in full sun. Its etymology already reveals part of its essence: the first part of the word derives from the Latin “dandruff”, residue and “atxo” means “soup” in Mozarabic. Currently, the gazpacho has become a symbol of the Mediterranean diet and a comfortable plate when the heat tightens. However, to get an exquisite result, some common mistakes need to be taken into account.

1. Choose the ingredients well

The important thing, if you want to get a good gazpacho, is to stick to the ingredients of the traditional recipe, which consists of: tomato, bread, garlic, cucumber, green pepper, onion (or spring onion, if you want to make it less intense), extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, water and salt. It is important that the tomato is of the branch or pear type and that it is ripe.

2. The quantities, in the right measure

Another common mistake is to overdo the amount of tomatoes or not to measure up to the rest of the food. This way the gazpacho ends up having the taste of some kind of spicy tomato sauce. You have to find a balance of ingredients, so you notice the nuance of each of them. This is the recommended amount:

  • Tomatoes: a kilogram
  • Bread: 50 g
  • Garlic: 2 teeth
  • Cucumber: 1
  • green pepper: 1
  • Onion:
  • Olive oil: 50 ml
  • Vinegar: 30 ml
  • Waterfall: 250 ml
  • salt: 5 g

3. Too dense texture

The idea of ​​gazpacho is to drink it, do not spoon it. Pay attention to the ratio of liquid ingredients (water and vinegar) to bread. If you overdo the bread, add more water and olive oil a little at a time, beating it (taking into account the proportions indicated above), until you get the desired liquidity. To avoid lumps, you can drain it and squeeze the colander with a mortar.

4. Not very hard bread

There are those who choose to eliminate the bread directly to reduce the calories of the dish or to obtain a more liquid consistency. Case of error. In this case, the bread is one of the key elementshow acts as a thickener and enriches the gazpacho. Plus, if you lead a healthy lifestyle, this amount of bread shouldn’t worry you at all. Of course, not just any bread is worth it. It’s common to use leftovers from previous days, but it shouldn’t be too harsh either, as it won’t dilute with the rest of the ingredients. The best: one with a tender crumb. To soften it, you can soak it in water while cutting the vegetables.

5. Destroy it all at once

Although it has the reputation of being a quick and easy dish, to get a good result you have to follow a series of steps. If we grind it all at once, it will likely produce lumps which will ruin the result. To avoid this, grind first the vegetables with the olive oilthen add the breadcrumbs and vinegar and beat it again. Add the salt once crushed, a little at a time and testing from time to time. Remember: prevention is much better than cure.

6. No fear of strong flavors

Those who are afraid of intense flavors often choose to eliminate certain ingredients, such as garlic, onion or vinegar. However, they are Important foods that add flavor to gazpacho. Not including them would be bad for the recipe. What you can do, if you find it too intense, is reduce its flavor. In the case of garlic, you can do this by cutting the cloves into about three pieces and soaking them in a glass of two fingers of water for about 10 minutes. You can change the onion for chives or peel the pepper.

7. Hot or with ice

One of the best things about gazpacho is its refreshing flavor in the summer. To do this, you need to keep it in the refrigerator until it cools down and don’t take it from time, prepare it. Some people try to cool it down by adding ice, but that just makes it watery and ruins the whole recipe. Since you’ve invested time in cooking, let it chill for a couple of hours in the refrigerator to enjoy all the flavor.