Gastón Acurio publishes a recipe for a delicious “aguadito de turkey” on Facebook | LIFESTYLE

Gastón Acurio gives us some tips for preparing a rich and nutritious soup.

“Aguadito of 25 thanks to 24”, Gastón titled on the social network to the delight of his followers.

1.- Put all the turkey bones in a pot with all the leftover juices and cover with water. All leftover meats from one source.

2.- Prepare a dressing with ground garlic and ground yellow pepper plus chopped onion and add the ground coriander.

3.- Add all the vegetables not seasoned with vinaigrette or sauces, possibly left over from yesterday’s Christmas lunch. it can be potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, etc; cut into cubes and complete with peas if there are none on the table.

4.- Rice. At this point we have two options: add yesterday’s leftover rice. or add uncooked rice. We add the rice, simply add some bone concentrate and juice, or add the raw rice, add two and a half cups of broth to one of rice.

5.- When the stew is well broth and the rice is ready, add the rest of the turkey. Try the salt.