For the cold, make a sweet potato and pumpkin cream soup

The soups They are the ideal food to face cold days. They are caloric, nourishing and comforting. They can combine different types of ingredients that provide nutrients and proteins. Pumpkin provides a variety of essential vitamins and minerals, including: Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. Although sweet potato contains a wide variety of vitamins and minerals such as potassium, phosphorus or calcium, it is also an important source of Vitamin A, B and C. Today you will learn how to prepare a delicious prescription of soup.

To prepare ours Soup cream we will use some other vegetables in addition to the sweet potato and pumpkin. For example potatoes which will help provide texture and body to our preparation and leek which will enhance the flavor. The important thing about this prescription is that you take the opportunity to season your soup well and for this we advise you to use a mixture of peppers. To have fun.