Find out the things you can and cannot do with your air fryer

One of the trendiest small appliances is the air fryer. This wonderful accessory can do many different dishes, but it is not able to do everything, as it has limitations. Also, it is highly recommended to take proper care of it, as it can get damaged if we don’t use it properly.

So cook with air fryer It’s easy, yes, but with the corresponding care. If we try to cook absolutely everything inside this Small appliances we will find some other surprises. In this sense, the surprise could be that we break the fryer or that we spoil the food we put in it.

So today we will tell you what things it is very forbidden to prepare to do with yours air fryerplus what’s safe to do and get great tasting dishes without the need to add too much fat during the cooking process.

Things not to do with your air fryer

Of all the options you can do with yours air fryer there are some who are totally discouraged. The first is to put the cheese directly on the grill. This expands to anything that is capable of dissolving in a similar way. Any soft type food can cause us a problem because it can also stick and spoil the non-stick.

We can make cakes in the air fryer, but with their molds

If we want to do something of the comment above, it is always good to use parchment paper that can cover the grid of the air fryer, so that it doesn’t stick directly. Thanks to this little tip you can save yourself the need to scrub for a long time.

Another tip to keep in mind is that you should never cook things that require any other type of cooking. That means, you can’t make a stew or soup inside your air fryer. It seems obvious, but there are many people who can be a little lost in this regard. In addition to this, it is not a good idea to also add vegetables that burn very easily, such as spinach. These foods spoil quickly, so it is best not to cook them inside this small appliance.

things you can do

Ultimately, the air fryer It is still a powerful oven in a small size. With that in mind, we know we can actually make cakes and cookies inside, no matter how surprising it may seem. It is not good to forget that to do this you need to use a cake pan. It doesn’t occur to you to add the cake batter to the basket air fryer

On the other hand, any type of frying we do in a conventional deep fryer will be perfect air fryer, so follow this maxim: If I can fry it in the air fryer, I can cook it in the air fryer. An easy to remember trick that will save us more of a hassle in the kitchen.