Exercises to lose weight: Shakira’s zumba routine to get in shape

Hipgnosis Songs Fund said the following as Shakira joined their ranks: “It’s wonderful for us to welcome the queen of Latin music and so much more.”

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Colombian Shakira has a physique to envy. At 45, she put all her efforts into every routine that you carry out is intended to contribute not only to your figure but to your health.

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She is a very active artist in the entertainment world and is undoubtedly getting better and better. Her curves, her body and even her skin look healthy and smooth.

Shakira exercises to lose weight

The famous showed up in a short clip in which she referred to some Zumba videos with which she tones her body almost daily. These are among the best for strengthening muscles and keeping the body firm.

Although it is commonly believed that training routines should be heavy and exhaustive, not so true. It is important to have good eating and exercise habits that stimulate the movement of the whole body.

depending on the medium Panorama, it is recommended that you do a 45-minute Zumba routine, 3 times a week. This way you can get better results it can burn more than 300 calories and when supplemented with a low carbohydrate dietmore salads and water or tea instead of soda, much better.

One of the best things about this dance is that it combines the benefits of cardio. This means that it merges calorie burning, heart care, fitness and weight loss into one seamless routine.

Secret to maintaining physical fitness

Anna Kaiser, is the coach of the singer Shakira, unveiled a few days ago the singer’s exercises to maintain her figure.

According to her coach, something that stands out about her is that the Barranquilla woman is very disciplined when it comes to doing an exercise routine. One of the suggestions Anna Kaiser with Shakira is that they both set a schedule during the day so that it becomes a habit. In the case of the Colombian, for example, she trains 5 times a week and dedicates herself completely to dance routines.

Anna considers that being Shakira an artist who goes up and down the stage During your world tours it is important that your body muscles develop stamina to endure hours of singing and dancing in a show that can last anywhere from 2 to 4 hours.

“The focus of this workout is cardiovascular endurance. I want you to work the full 90 minutes with some breaks, ”the coach said magazine Marie Claire.

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Another of the exercises that Anna performs with Shakira is the theme of body flexibility and thanks to this the Colombian singer was able to achieve great dance movements in her presentations.

For the singer it is important have a balanced diet so you can compensate with exercise. “When people go on a diet and eat things they don’t like, it’s very hard to follow because they get bored and they do it with disgust.” That’s why the Colombian mixes her favorite recipes with healthy ingredients to play with boring diets.

generally a Shakira he likes artichoke soup, fresh vegetables, fish or a variety of salads.

Another of the Colombian’s quirks is the consumption of dark chocolate, a regular in Shakira’s life, yes, it must be low in calories and low in sugar.