Emanuel Jiménez, the Puerto Rican star chef who triumphs in Miami | The USA newspaper

Photo / Courtesy – Chef Jiménez

You love me, (Notistarz) .- With a fusion of traditional Puerto Rican cuisine and a modern touch of sophistication, Puerto Rican chef Emanuel Jiménez has managed to attract celebrities from the entertainment world such as Gloria Trevi, Grupo Firm, Nicky Jam, Kany García and Dayanara Torres.
And to celebrate, chef Emanuel Jiménez announces the grand reopening of 100 × 35 Cocina Con Raíces on June 17 at 520 West Avenida in Miami Beach, with a party and the presence of influencers and celebrities such as Dayanara Torres, Maripilly and others. figures.

Jiménez has managed to attract more and more celebrities with his touch of flavor, honoring the multiculturalism that defines Puerto Rico through his dishes from Mofongo to Sancocho.
Ever since he decided to take his culinary knowledge and flavors outside of Puerto Rico, the now resident of Miami since 2016, who has learned his love of cooking from his grandmother’s recipes in the kitchen of his hometown of Aibonito, has managed to advance in the world of gastronomy thanks to his commitment and tenacity.
Emanuel Jiménez learned a love of cooking thanks to the fact that his grandparents and parents had a restaurant business in Aibonito, in addition to his culinary studies at the Institute of Banking and Commerce and at the ICPR Junior College.

“The most curious thing was that I didn’t want to study cooking but in the end I decided to study cooking as a hobby and I found myself with extremely good and demanding masters, who aroused my passion for cooking even more”, says the chef. .

Jiménez managed to win two culinary festivals in Puerto Rico and started to shine at a young age. It was the culinary feasts; Goya in 2013 and 2014. The first brought him with tostones stuffed with chutney, pork and mango, the second representing the ICPR in front of the best universities in Puerto Rico, with an appetizer of chicken and yuca croquette, served with ketchup mayo of guava and main course, a chicken breast wrapped in prosciutto, served on a bed of spinach, accompanied by a sauce of roasted red peppers.

He also worked as a waiter at the Aviones restaurant in Barranquitas and one day, when he had to replace a chef, he remained in the kitchen as Executive Chef.

Upon his arrival in the United States, Emanuel Jiménez worked at the Mi Viejo San Juan restaurant in Miami for which he was hired, what he didn’t know was that he was the head chef. He then helped found Mofongo on Calle 8 and also worked at Larios of music producer Emilio Estefan, Madrid Tapas y Vinos, until he had the opportunity, together with Puerto Rican businessman Carlos Omar Rodríguez, to be the executive chef of 100 × 35 Cocina with Roots, whose name is based on the measures of the Isla del Encanto.
“What’s better than this name that all people in Puerto Rico know what it means,” says Chef Emanuel of the 150-seat venue with a warm, welcoming yet elegant decor, located in the tourist heart of Miami Beach.

The restaurant’s menu ranges from traditional dishes such as Mofongo, Chillo Frito and Sancocho della Nonna (combination of vegetable soup with pork legs) to fusion elements such as Egg Roll Boricua (combination of churrasco and ripe bananas, rolled in fried dough ). While the bar offers an extensive menu of Caribbean-inspired cocktails, such as the Spicy Mango Margarita.

It is these dishes and the traditional flavor that are attracting more and more celebrities. On a good day you can find famous singers such as Gilberto Santa Rosa, Tempo, Darell, El Guaynaa, Victor Manuelle, Ednita Nazario, José Nogueras.

“Former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres loves shrimp mofongo with octopus and lobster … we cooked Kany García recently, after the penultimate album she released,” proudly says the illustrious visitor chef who receives more and more and that thanks to this it can continue with its mission of internationalizing Puerto Rican food, preserving traditional flavors, but also innovating with modern touches.