El Rey Sol, pioneer restaurant of good food in the entity

Benjamin Pacheco / The Observer
bpacheco@elvigia.net | Cove, BC

In 75 years of history, El Rey Sol has positioned itself as the oldest French restaurant in Mexico and a pioneer in bringing good food to Baja California, as well as reflecting the perseverance of its founder Virginia Geffroy Pozo, better known as “Doña Pepita” .

Architect Jean-Loup Bitterlin, director of the El Rey Sol Group, shared with El Vigía the results and contributions made in recent decades, since 10 percent of restaurants do not last five years.

“It means that the foundations of Doña Pepita, my mother, were very solid in the search for a company that had quality and service, as well as love for its customers and, above all, for its employees. We are a big family in El Rey Sol and it has been the birthplace of many in the restaurant business in Baja California and, of course, in Ensenada, ”she pointed out.

From pioneering work, especially in a competitive field such as gastronomy, the director tells that snails (snails cooked and served in their shell with garlic and parsley butter), onion soup, lobster Thermidor (split lengthwise and grilled) and the ever popular French pastry.

He recalled that at first the business was inside a corridor of the Hotel Casa del Sol and they didn’t even have a fridge.
An important point is that they have also chosen to get fresh vegetables for their dishes.

“When El Rey Sol started, there were no commercial restaurants or vegetables like there are now. We already supplied most of the United States and Mexico, but at the time there were only homemade vegetables. We brought lettuce, tomatoes and other vegetables that we took care of, ”she said.

This mixture of circumstances made it a distinctive aspect of the restaurant: the pleasure of good food.
“Following people in slow food, in contrast to today’s fast food. Meetings of many clubs, business groups and women’s groups have been held here, who have enjoyed the service over the years, ”she recalled.

About the current plus compared to other similar activities in the port and in the Valle de Guadalupe, architect Jean-Loup Bitterlin pointed out that they are the roots of French food, to which they are incorporating changes to the Mexican style.

“Above all, what we have contributed to is an international or French environment. Now you can save your flight to Paris and feel like you are in a Parisian corner between López Mateos and Blancarte, a very central area for tourism, ”she stressed.

During this time, El Rey Sol also meant a second home for many people, as many of the big businessmen became regulars when they arrived in Ensenada.

“My mother prepared for many people in Ensenada. It’s a refined, quiet, very French atmosphere, one of the few places where couples or families can go to have fun and talk. The piano also gives it a warm flavor. One of the few quiet places, without screeching ”, highlighted the entrepreneur.

As for the future, he believed that there was no need to have branches, as the essence they have forged over the years would be lost.

“It is better to savor that atmosphere of coexistence, of a big family that is Ensenada,” he said.
The architect Jean-Loup Bitterlin thanked and acknowledged the daily work of the 70 employees of the restaurant, as it was a team that managed to overcome the most critical periods of the Covid-19 pandemic, in addition to the customers remained loyal in the last times two years.

He added that, as part of the improvements, they recently opened a terrace to provide a cooler environment that people who frequent First Street can get close to.

Reiterate the invitation to the celebration of the label
Natalia Vidales de Bitterlin, general manager of the Casa de los Siete Patios, reiterated her invitation to the community for the rigorous etiquette dinner that she will celebrate on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the founding of the El Rey Sol Restaurant.

He recalled that in addition to the celebration, scheduled for 19:00 on May 20, the recovery fee of 3,000 pesos per person will be to make a donation to the Ensenada Home for the Elderly.

The House of Seven Courtyards was built in 1969 in honor of Doña Pepita, added architect Jean-Loup Bitterlin, where they had exceptional celebrations, such as the 50th anniversary, which was also attended by then-president Ernesto Zedillo. Punch. Lion.

“The party will be in a refined French atmosphere, attended by renowned chefs and there will be a multi-course dinner, with local wines, as well as music and dancing. He will celebrate the Ensenada community with people from Tijuana, San Diego and other places, ”she concluded.

For reservations, those interested in helping this altruistic cause can call (646) 1979424.