El Chavo themed restaurant of the 8th in Naucalpan

If you’ve ever had the worry of being cast on your favorite show or experiencing all the adventures your animated characters have carried out on screen, it’s never too late. The themed restaurant is located in Naucalpan “Chanfle and Recontrchanfle” It is inspired by the long-awaited Mexican program “El Chavo del 8”In this place you can try the representative dishes of the program, such as the delicious churros of Doña Florinda or the unforgettable ham cakes of “El Chavo”

Enjoy the Ta-ta-ta tacos!

All the tastings that can be had in this restaurant are strongly recalled by the programbecause in the menu you can find “Le Chespirite” which are different voices you can choose from, among these are the “Chili chavosos” which are Cuaresmeños aged with Manchego cheese; “The little girls”, which will not make you small but will fill your taste buds with flavor, because they are pieces of corn dipped in a special sauce; and if yours are broths, you can order the “Falabaza chlorine soup” containing balls of blue dough and goat cheese.

The menu also has lighter dishes, “Las popis” invites you to try a variety of salad combinations where you can choose your protein, complete it with the salad and accompany it with “What is that? Skiing”– Esquites with Tarascan mayonnaise- o “The charros of 8”-double-cooked ayocote beans-, among other combinations to savor.

One of the most representative foods of Mexico could not be missing in this wonderful place, The “ta-ta-tacos” are fish tacos, ribs or cochinita which are served daily in combo, with a choice of accompaniment and a canned drink.

While, to close with a flourish, The “Bonaparte” desserts will leave you with the best taste in your mouthin them you can find cakes, tiramisu, pies, flans, among other sweet delicacies. And don’t forget to order your cup of coffee accompanied by Doña Florinda’s delicious churros.

For the little ones

The place also has a menu for the little ones at home and, by continuing with its peculiar way of naming its food, you will be able to find it “Vinyl antennas”which are tagliatelle with cream and cheese; “The barrels” which are tuna croquettes; “The broth of 8”, a rich chicken consommé with vegetables and noodles; and, I could not give back, “The Chavo pancake”a “delicious” ham pie with Manchego cheese, tomato and mayonnaise that will make you feel the neighborhood.

Also, the restaurant has a recreational place which is made up of several arcade machines, table football, basketball, table tennis and many other recreational games for the enjoyment of children and adults alike.

Don Ramón’s Chefs

“Chanfle y Recontrachanfle” comes with its own alcoholic barwhere you can taste a white wine, a clericot, vodka, tequila spirits, brandy and a variety of spirits for older participants.

The bar has small references to the episodes and characters from the show, such as Don Ramón’s Necaxa shirt and newspapers of his boxer facets.

The restaurant is full of references, from objects to idioms and words that the characters uttered during the broadcasts of the programs created by Roberto Gómez Bolaños “Chespirito”; It is like entering the world of Chespirito and its many creations since it also has a recreation of the forum where the scenes of the neighborhood of “El chavo del 8” were recorded.

If you are interested in visiting “Chanfle and Recontrachanfle”, this is inside Satellite Square which is located in the Circuito Centro Comercial, Ciudad Satélite, Naucalpan de Juárez, Estado de México and is open every day of the week, Monday to Friday from 1pm to 8pm and on weekends from 9am to 9pm or you can also visit their website at the following link: https://chanfle.mx/.