DIF Tabasco will collect aid for the victims of Oaxaca

Starting this Monday, June 13th, the Tabasco DIF System will launch the “Donemos de Corazón” campaign, which will consist of the opening of a humanitarian aid collection center to support families affected by Hurricane “Agatha” in Oaxaca.

The initiative, promoted by the President of the Aid, Guadalupe Castro de Merino, will appeal to the solidarity of the people of Tabasco to join their will and unite to help those affected by the recent meteorological phenomena recorded in this entity .

“The purpose of the campaign is to invite the population to go to the collection center to donate the aid that will be sent to the victims,” ​​highlighted the state DIF system, reporting that the collection center will be located in Salón Alas, with direction in the avenue of Heroic Military School, between Technical School #1 and the Hall of Taxi Drivers.

He announced that he would receive the food donated by the people of Tabasco Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The facility said they receive non-perishable groceries, personal care items, household cleaning, and first-aid supplies such as tarpaulins, blankets, blankets, and mats, among other things.

The foods can be: black beans in grains in bags per kilo, rice in grains in bags per kilo, sugar in bags per kilo, bags of corn flour per kilo, lentils in bags per half kilo, textured natural flavored soybeans, oatmeal, bags of Salt, 200 gram bags of pasta for whole grain soups, small bags of dried fruit, cans of tuna, cans of sardines and cans of vegetables and legumes.

Cans of chili peppers, cans of instant coffee, cans and/or sachets of infant, child and adult skimmed milk powder, baby food, cornstarch atole packets, maria biscuit rolls, cereal boxes, boxes, liter canola or corn oil cans, and 1 liter packets with mineral water and/or gallons of mineral water.

As for personal hygiene items, donations can be 4-roll packs of toilet paper, bags of baby and adult diapers, wet wipes, bags of sanitary napkins, bottles of shampoo, packs of soap body lotion, boxes of toothpaste, toothbrushes, and body lotion.

The DIF Tabasco explained that packages containing 100 napkins, pinol, chlorine, multi-purpose detergent, bar soap, sponges, buckets, brooms and mops can be given in the household cleaning contributions.

First-aid materials include antidiarrheal drugs, antacids, 500 g of paracetamol, aspirin for adults and children, physiological serum, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, cotton wool, gauze of various sizes, bandages, micropore tape and ointments. Chafing and/or burns.