Complete the Blue Zones Diet List and 7 Day Meal Plan

Follow this plan for a week so you can start eating like you’re a hundred years old. There are no recommended serving sizes or calories in the Blue Zones diet; Just be mindful and eat until you’re not hungry, but not until you’re full. Since people living in blue zones eat meat in moderation, we’ve added vegetarian recipes here.

day 1

breakfast Oatmeal with berries and nuts

Having lunch Sardinian style pizza

snack a handful of walnuts

dinner Rich minestrone soup

day 2

breakfast Sweet potato hash with vegetables

Having lunch Beetroot with lettuce and tomatoes in sourdough

snack A handful of mixed nuts

dinner Tofu steak with mushrooms

day 3

breakfast Banana Smoothie

Having lunch Cereal bowl with vegetables and beans

snack Miso soup with vegetables

dinner Ratatouille

day 4

breakfast Granola with nuts and fruits

Having lunch Black bean and potato soup

snack roasted chickpeas

dinner Palm, onion, pepper and coriander ceviche

day 5

breakfast Tropical fruit salad with walnuts and coconut

Having lunch pumpkin soup

snack Crude Black Bean Dip

dinner vegetarian gumbo

day 6

breakfast Vegetable hash with corn and onion

Having lunch Pumpkin cream with soy milk and seeds

snack Hummus with vegetables

dinner Lentil salad with garlic and herbs

day 7

breakfast Banana berry smoothie with soy milk

Having lunch Jackfruit Bag

snack Coconut chia pudding with almonds

dinner Risotto with porcini mushrooms