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The Dane’s report has just come out the inflation figure in the country, one of the highest in recent years. The second most affected category is food. With the intention of writing recipes to prepare at home with affordable food, full of optimism I called Sofía, my trusted saleswoman in Plaza de Paloquemao, to guide me with prices. Her response was devastating: “What is cheaper right now are the sugary lemons and mangoes, everything else is very expensive.” We cry together.

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But while it is said that bad weather makes a good impression, as I wiped away the tears, which weren’t really for the chopped onions, I remembered a book written by the important Italian chef Massimo Bottura with chef friends and entitled Il pane è oro, extraordinary meals with ordinary ingredients. is approx recipes that use ingredients that are normally thrown away, but which with the imagination can be useful and tasty. Their goal: to raise awareness of growing global food waste.

Many dishes that are now served on restaurant tables were born out of poverty, hunger, peasants and the working and disadvantaged classes.

The harsh reality is that we have no culture or education on how to take advantage of the market and we throw a lot of food in the bin every day. It would be great if cooking schools taught and trained on this and if there were state policies with campaigns and illustrative practices that encourage non-waste and encourage the use of ‘useful leftovers’.

Many dishes that are served on restaurant tables today were born out of poverty, hunger, peasants and the working and disadvantaged classes who were inspired by necessity. They were recursive with what little they had, as in the case of boeuf bourguignon, bouillabaisse soup, dumplings and Valencian paella, among many others.

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Given the difficult situation we face due to high food prices, there is no better time to bring out talent and creativity by inventing and cooking fun, cheap and mouthwatering recipes, the stick is not for spoons. I invite us to share ideas on our social networks. We create a recipe book that helps us eat better and take care of our pockets.

I begin:

– Withered spinach leaves: wash and blend with water and / or broth and with this prepare a nice nutritious green rice.

– Yellow chunks and its stems: cook them in water with a branch of coriander – hopefully with the root -, salt and a piece of onion. Blend and make a rich soup.

-Dried beans or legumes that have been open for a long time in the pantry: soak from the night before. Cook in a pressure cooker for a couple of hours and, as they do not soften evenly, blend and purée. Season to taste.
-Very ripe fruit: jams, sauces or chutneys.

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-Pieces of vegetables, perfect for a soup or cream.

-Belle potato, washed, dried and fried. Crunchy and addictive for salads, snacks or to serve over soups instead of phosphoritos.

What are yours?

Enjoy your meal.

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