China Suárez vegetable soup ideal for fighting the cold – Revista Para Ti

China Suárez shared on her networks a practical recipe to take advantage of the vegetables we have available: we tell you how she prepared all her tips.

China Suárez shared her in her Instagram stories formula for the preparation of vegetable soup, a dish that apparently she loves it Besides being delicious, it appears to be very practical: “I always do it with the vegetables I have.. last night I ate vegetables au gratin: pumpkin, Brussels sprouts, mushrooms, potato, sweet potato, sweet potato “, he listed and gave a tip: he makes extra vegetables” thinking of making soup the next day “, he explained in the video that was able to record while hidden by the magnolia, his middle daughter. We share the list of ingredients and how to prepare it:


  • Pumpkin
  • Brussels sprouts
  • mushrooms
  • Potato
  • yam
  • sweet potato
  • almond or cow’s milk
  • pepper and seasonings to taste


Step 1: Wash, cut and roast the vegetables in the oven.

Step 2: Work them and add water until you get the desired consistency.

Step 3: Add a splash of the milk you are using, then season to taste.

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