China Suárez is a vegetable soup ideal for fighting the cold

China Suárez shared in her Instagram stories her formula for making vegetable soup, a dish she apparently loves and prepares often.

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“I always do this with the vegetables I have … Last night I ate vegetables au gratin: pumpkin, Brussels sprouts, mushrooms, potatoes, sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes,” he listed and even gave advice.

“He makes extra veggies thinking about making soup the next day,” he explained in the video he was able to record hiding from Magnolia, his middle daughter.

Para Ti magazine shared the recipe with the ingredients list and how to prepare it:



Brussels sprouts




sweet potato

almond or cow’s milk

pepper and seasonings to taste

Preparation. Step 1: Wash, cut and roast the vegetables in the oven. Step 2: work them and add water until you get the desired consistency. Step 3: Add a splash of the milk you use, then season to taste.


China Suárez and Rusherking were caught red-handed in a bowling alley. The images speak for themselves.

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Meanwhile, while providing details on the romance, Estefi Beradi was very spicy with her comments.

“He’s 21, he’s very small. China is 30, guys, “he said.

The rumors are over and the confirmation has arrived, A video of La China Suárez appeared very close to Rusherking. According to Juariu, the meeting took place at the party after the Martín Fierro.

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Juariu was the one who shared the image in question. “The Chinese and Rusher. I said I don’t know how long ago. I love that the things I investigate on IG are confirmed, “wrote the reporter.

For some days the name of the actress was closely linked to that of the singer, but there was no confirmation. The same seems to have happened, according to Juariu, at the party after the Martín Fierro, where in the middle of a recording you can see the two with their mouths very close to each other.

The previous meeting between La China Suárez and Rusherking

A few days ago, Karina Iavícoli was surprised to say that La China Suárez had met Rusherking, María Becerra’s ex, to eat a hamburger.

This time, the speaker surprised again in Partners of the show by telling how the story between the actress and the singer continues: “Do you remember that a few days ago I talked about La China and Rusherking? They ate hamburgers, obviously vegan, at least she, I had to clarify, and now I want to tell you that this love story continues.

“Last night, around 11 pm, they were together in a restaurant on the Costanera, his name is January. It’s new. Eugenia was having dinner with Rusher, and what did they do next? They went bowling in Tequila, which is across the street, ”Karina said.