Chedraui is issued to limit Maruchan purchases: only 12 per family

  • The consumer complained in her video that the company is restricting the sale of Maruchan in its stores.

  • The recording has generated various comments from the digital impulse.

  • To date, the brand has not explained why the sale of this product is restricted.

Nowadays, consumers have evolved and changed with the endless problems affecting the whole world, which is why complaints and complaints on social networks keep coming back. A TikTok user called on the Chedraui retail store to restrict sales of Maruchan soup to any family.

Although they appear to be informal media, social media has become the best communication window for consumers and the brands that use them. Because of this, resolving their complaints about a bad shopping experience can be crucial for a business to move forward.

Experts say that proactively listening to customers will help improve your business and strengthen relationships with consumers, as it’s also important to address future issues, build customer loyalty, and improve as a business as a whole.

Chedraui limits Maruchan soups and wins consumer criticism

A Chedraui customer shared a video via her TikTok account where you can see the poster supermarket, where he points out that he limits the amount of Maruchan soup people eat per family.

The consumer, identifying on the digital platform as user @jesswolfsbane, posts the brand’s poster detailing the specifications of just 12 packs of Maruchan soup per family.

@jesswolfsbane I’m sick of this world, its people… I live to eat Maruchan 💔😭😭😭 #4u #4yp #l3ntejas #lentejas #fyp #maruchan #ojalamelleveeldiablo ♬ Olaja take me to hell – Funny music

To this day it is not known why the supermarket company is restricting the sale of this product.but the publication prompted the digital impulse to comment on the business rule.

Many of the comments explain that there are consumers who eat Maruchan soup every day, so they take full cases of the product, which could be why the brand made the decision to limit the sale of this product. While others complain that the company tells them how much they can buy, it deprives them of the right to the open market.

Maruchan soup is a product made by organisms such as the Federal Office for Consumer Protection (Profeco), who published a quality study on instant soups in his consumer magazine last year, showing how little they benefit human health.

This study found that the Maruchan Instant Lunch claims to contain vegetables but only contains four grams per 100 grams and its styrofoam packaging poses a health risk. Therefore, in 2021, Profeco has withdrawn 129,937 units of instant soups, which corresponds to 12 products from nine different brands.

Since that operation and to this day, the presence of this product has been sporadic, which is why perhaps Chedraui will limit its sales.

It’s not the first consumer complaint against a brand for restricting the sale of products. Let’s recall the case of a netizen who shared the sign found in one of the HEB stores restricting the sale of egg packs per consumer.

This only reflects the consumer’s opinion and the conversation it generates in the digital pulse, for which Merca 2.0 has requested the brand’s position to tell both sides of the story; however, it has not yet been received. The notice will be updated in case of a reply.

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