Buçaquinho Park – Little Vigo

We already know that Portugal is an inexhaustible source of discoveries; fantastic places, cities, towns, parks, …

Last summer, walking down the coast of Portugal, and leaving Porto (28km away), we found this environmental amusement park that seemed like a great option to visit with the little ones: Park O Bucaquinhoin Ovar (2 hours from Vigo).

Spanning more than 24 hectares, this park was a water treatment facility for 12 years and has now grown into an urban recreation park, full of life and activity. This conversion earned him the 2016 Green Project Awards in the “Sustainable Cities” category. It now has an Environmental Education and Interpretation Center, so various activities are organized (especially for the little ones).

Parque O Buçaquinho is a vast protected forest area, of great environmental value and with a rich biodiversity in terms of fauna and flora. Green areas, six ponds, a pine forest, a garden of aromatic plants, … We can find many species of animals, ducks, herons, frogs, woodpeckers, genets, newts …

We will be able to climb a 15 meter high observation tower, from which we will have another perspective of the park, the little ones will love it!

There are also a couple of bird observation posts from which it is possible to observe the different species or listen to the croaking of the different species of amphibians present in the lagoons.

Of course there is also a children’s playground with various games and elements to entertain the little ones.

And several places to rest, have a picnic or just enjoy the surroundings.

But one of the best things about the park is the free pedal bike and go-kart service and its vast network of trails and tracks (some made of wood) along which we can walk or cycle to explore the park.

To collect the bikes they ask us for the ID and phone number. If I remember correctly, they can be used for two and a half hours. They have bikes for both adults and children and the truth is it’s great because not only can they be used inside the park which is great but we can hang out with them outside the perimeter and that’s an important detail because they will too help us to know another great destination that I will tell you about tomorrow !!

Going around the park and following the paths with the bikes is very pleasant and fun, while we enjoy the surroundings and stop wherever we want.

We can also enjoy the cafeteria, with a terrace and great views. If you want to eat there, it can be a good option as the menu is inspired by the aromatic herbs of the park. Salads and sandwiches with parsley, rosemary, chives, basil; tarragon toast and vegetable soup, caladinhos and homemade chocolate muffins, regueifa dessert in a wood oven, etc …

Entrance to the park is free and the opening hours are from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00, on Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00 to 18:00.

If you combine it with everything I’ll tell you about tomorrow, Parque Ambiental do Buçaquinho is, without a doubt, a visit worth considering.