Barlovento is investing 10,000 euros in the community’s school gardens

The Barlovento City Council has provided a school garden to the La Cuesta comprehensive school and a greenhouse to the CEIP Las Cabezadas. In addition, the measures included the reconstruction and adaptation of the entrances to the school garden of the CEO of Barlovento.

The mayor, Jacob Qadri, has stated that “we are happy to get involved and support these types of proposals because they enrich the education of our boys and girls” adding that “with these gardens they will learn to interact with the environment and them to understand value of the agricultural sector “.

The work, which cost 10,000 euros, was paid for from the municipality’s own funds. These works include the creation of a school garden at the CEIP de La Cuesta, the installation of a greenhouse and the fence of the orchard CEIP Las Cabezadas, as well as the conditioning and improvement of the accesses to the school garden of the CEO of Barlovento , He has equipped them all with tools for cultivation.

For her part, Yesica Medina, Councilor for Education, confirms that “we continue to work to meet the needs of the educational community of Barlovento, we recently inaugurated the school canteen CEIP La Cuesta and today we contribute our grain of sand with the school gardens”. “These initiatives – he adds – contribute to the well-being of our little ones and their families and to a multidisciplinary formation in which the value of agriculture is present”.

From the Barlovento City Council, they remind us that promoting the planting of these orchards has a positive impact on various aspects of the education of schoolchildren, teaching them not only values ​​such as perseverance and responsibility in being responsible for the production of their own food, but also It promotes self-consumption, local food production and the importance of preserving the agricultural sector.