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The week started with a strong one drop in temperatures which marked the arrival of cold weather, the same conditions will continue until Wednesday 1 June. In this context, the recipes for tasty dishes to reheat They are the first options for cooking and eating something delicious.

East cold monday It is ideal for putting the pot and making a good stew or turn on the oven. Classic dishes are lentil stew, tagliatelle or rice, locro, polenta with tuco, baked meat with mashed potatoes, stews, stew, soup, among others.

Polar cold in Argentina: recipes for warming up

1. Goulash and stews

The Goulash is a traditional dish of the Ancient Astro-Hungarian Empire. The “gulyás” consist of a stew or stew, it all depends on the extra ingredients it can carry (pasta or potatoes). This recipe has been replicated in other countries such as Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia and Northern Italy.

It is a recipe similar to stew that is made with meat, onions, peppers and various seasonings. Each cuisine is different and the ingredients vary.

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The goulash is accompanied by noodles of your choice. (Illustrative image).

2. Creole steaks

A second option to eat something delicious in this cold is the creole bifes, a classic dish that is found in still lifes and one of the letters of introduction of the local cuisine to tourists who come to visit the city of Buenos Aires.

to cook some Creole bifes you need a few ingredients, most of them can be found at home.

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Creole or Riojan steaks are a tempting option. (Illustrative image).

3. Lentil stew

The Lenten stew It is a classic of autumn and winter, although it is also appreciated on national holidays such as May 25 or the July 9. The traditional recipe involves meat, but today it has been adapted to vegetarian and vegan versions.

Thus, the lentil stew has become a dish for all tastes. Its preparation takes less than an hour, but it is important that the legume rested in water from one day to the next (or at least 6 hours) in order not to delay cooking.

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The more daring put golden sausages on top of the lentil stew. (Illustrative image).

4. Humita in chala, pot or pumpkin

A typical recipe from northern Argentina which is eaten on special dates such as Holy Week, the May 25, the Independence Day (July 9) and for the end of year celebrations (Christmas and New Year’s Eve).

The humita It is prepared with corn and is a pasta that is wrapped in a chala (the corn leaf) and toasted. In any case, it can also be cooked in a pot or in a pumpkin.

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The humitas recipe is very easy to cook.

5. Potato pie

The definitive dish to heat is the potato cake, a very easy recipe to make and with few ingredients. Although it contains meat, this food has also been adapted to the vegetarian and vegan versions.

Mashed potatoes (or mixed with squash or sweet potatoes), ground beef, onions, peppers, olives or raisins, hard-boiled eggs or minced cheese, are the ingredients most used to make this dish.

From We offer two options for the potato pie: one wrapped in bacon (click here) or the traditional one (enter here).

Potato pie is a favorite dish for young and old.

6. Empanadas of ossobuco

The empanadas It is another of the dishes that represents Argentina in the world. Meat, chicken, ham and cheese, vegetables, humita, among many others, are the versions you can try from this recipe.

The cuts of meat that are used, depending on the region of Argentina where they are cooked, are matambre, shoulder or roast beef, but you can also try them cheaper options like ossobuco.

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Who would refuse to eat empanadas?

7. Milanese stuffed with cheese and bacon

The Milanese They are one of the favorite dishes of young and old and go well with French fries or mashed potatoes. Making them stuffed is even tastier.

The cuts of meat to make milanes are meatballs, buttocks or squares, but they can also be chicken, pork or eggplant.

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Stuffed Milanesa can be made with meat, chicken or eggplant.

8. Pumpkin cream soup

The Soup It is a dish to be heated quickly. There are many versions, but creams They are tempting and very easy to cook with just a few ingredients.

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9. Argentine stew

Stew is another of the dishes to fight the cold. It has several meats, vegetables, legumes (optional), seasonings, among other ingredients. There is nothing better than making a good pot of this recipe to keep in the fridge and eat more than a day.

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The stew is an ideal dish for autumn and winter.

10. Sausage with pomarola

The Pomarola sauce It is a recipe that combines sausage and a sauce of Italian origin. It can be done in a pot, on a disc or in a saucepan. It is usually accompanied with mashed potatoes or mixed and it is important that the chorizos are previously boiled to eliminate part of the fat and are not too heavy.

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Pomarola chorizo ​​is a perfect dish for approaching winter. (Illustrative image).