Aguirre made fun of Luis García for living in Hugo Sánchez’s house

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Luis Garcia He excelled in all the teams he played in during his time as a professional footballer, he was even one of the first Mexican footballers to manage to emigrate to the old continent and hasn’t played in any club since He played for Atlético de Madrid, a team where Hugo Sánchez was previously.

In an interview with the spark Velard, the physician García recalled that when he arrived in Madrid, the Pentapichichi returned to Mexico, the commentator said Aztec sport rented this house.

“(Hugo) had this house, he had returned (to Mexico), he had this house outside of Madrid, that was my only fault not staying with Hugo, but I didn’t live in Madrid that much, I was like 20 minutes on the way to La Coruña, where Atlético de Madrid are training today”.

Luis García removed a painting from Hugo Sánchez’s house

García Postigo said so Inside the house there were different images of the images of Hugol; Nonetheless, there was a certain one he had removed, which was in the dining room, because whenever he ate, he looked at the photo of it Pentapichichi throw a Chilean who ended up in the garageafter what he said in Juan Pablo Fernández I touched from ESPN.

“I came to live there, a painting in the dining room where I sat down to eat my lentil soup, Hugo (he had a huge photo) banging a Chilean until there was a Portuguese who helped us a lot that house that I was very close to Hugo and then I tell him “Ma’am, we’re going to take care of that mother in the photo because she’s going to give me a heart attack.”. (The photo) was big and very cool but I can’t eat with Hugo throwing Chileans anymore“.

Javier Aguirre made fun of Luis García

Luis García remembered it at the time One of the characters who made fun of him the most was Javier Aguirreonly to live and sleep in the house of Hugo Sánchez.

“That’s what the ‘disgusting’ (Javier) Aguirre told me how it feels to lay your head on the same pillow as Hugo Sánchez‘fuck your mother, you and Hugo Sánchez’, that’s how he spent his time screwing around on the field. ‘It feels? You grab the Chinese right away’ and it bothered me all day that I spent all day that I lived and slept in the house of Hugo Sánchez.