Agroandina was present at the fair in Buenos Aires

Chilecito. production

The La Rioja company showed its packaged products at a stand.

The Undersecretary of State for Public-Private Investments, Gerardo Sánchez Volpini, made a statement on Radio 10 to talk about the presentation of the Rioja company Agroandina at the Wild Cat Fair in Buenos Aires.

The official explained that the presence of the state-owned company Agroandina at this fair was due to a proposal from the Ministry of Social Development of the nation and a connection with Radio 10, recalling that “in April we attended the other fair that was held”.

Sánchez Volpini commented: “We are from Chilecito, the company is Agroandina, we produce food and we have four product lines under the Sabores del Valle brand: the tomato line with crushed tomatoes, tomato puree and tomato paste in tetrabreak or in glass bottle; ready-to-eat sauces (steak, pizza and pomarola), the legumes, peas, lentils, chickpeas and beans line in the 340g presentation and the 520g ready-to-eat range, which is a rich reheat and serve menu line with which Amount of a serving, depending on a person’s food quality or the taste of sharing”.

He also reported that “at this fair, we have the line with meat, pork or beef, and another without meat, like lentil stew or vegetable soup,” noting that “originally the state-owned Rioja companies in La Rioja emerged from the character.” of SAPEM, which had a majority state stake with private capital, then there were legal and legal changes that allowed the state to be the total owner of some companies, but there are also cases where it continues with the stake. They are companies like any other , with rights and obligations, but they always interact with private companies because the economic engine that emerges in the province lies between private companies, these companies created by the state, covering many items provided by 36 companies will”.

The Radio 10 journalist invited his listeners to buy and taste lentil stew, carbonada, vegetable soup, meat with rice, bolognese sauce and locro, highlighting the presentation and quality of these products made in La Rioja.

The Gato Sylvestre fair on Radio 10 had 40 stalls selling various types of products at affordable prices including fruits, vegetables, food sales, props, leather goods and all kinds of clothing.