After being questioned as a mother, China Suárez shared the tenderest moment with her children, Magnolia and Amancio – Revista Para Ti

The actress, who is currently in a relationship with Rusherking, has focused on raising the little ones she has had with Benjamín Vicuña.

After strong hints of romance, running She broke the silence and talked about her love affair with the China Suarez. Thomás Tobar – his real name – has acknowledged that he is “very much in love” with the actress and on social media they no longer hide their courtship.

Surprisingly, Maria Becerra She reacted to her ex’s new relationship and caused a stir on social networks. In fact, China itself has published a message asking them to stop confronting the singer. “2022 and continue to face women like crazy. Let them improve”, The actress wrote on her Twitter account.

In the midst of the repercussions generated by her love affair with the musician, the artist showed the intimacy of her home and how focused she is on raising her children, Magnolia Y Amanciothe little ones with whom he had Benjamin Vicuna.

In one post you can see the little girl eating a delicious vegetable soup and explaining the ingredients of the dish. The sweetest thing was when the four-year-old girl assures that the recipe she has prepared her mother has “a lot of love”.

In another post, she seems super-friendly with her one-and-a-half-year-old baby. “Oh, that beautiful little girl and how cute that girl is,” we hear China totally in love with her children.

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