8 soups you’ve stopped eating and unfortunately you’ll never see again

Nothing lasts forever, this is just a cold and hard fact of life. So it’s good to know that you can always enjoy a hot, affordable bowl of soup when the cold and hard parts of life frustrate you. However, none of the soups are discussed here because they have been discontinued or removed. Restaurant menu.

vegetables and Stop menus Meanwhile, when a product is not offered, the inevitable result is the regret of customers who have missed it. And it really makes sense to miss out on some of the soups on offer here, like the Pepper Pot Soup, a classic American dish. However, others may have served their brand and us consumers when their production was stopped.

Does anyone really need to eat a canned soup version of A? Philadelphia, cheese, steak, for example? We are willing to risk some controversy when we say … no.

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according to the Philadelphia investigatorCampbell Soup sold canned pepper soup from 1899 to 2010, more than 110 years ago. So instead of complaining that this beloved soup is gone forever, let’s celebrate the long history it had. Versions of pepper soup date back to pre-revolutionary times and DIY recipes abound, so you can still savor this historic American dish like no one has ever refused.

More Meatballs Stew

Last comment on an order for Dinty Moore’s Meatball Stew on an amazon page Dates back to early 2016. This 20th century staple soup made its way into the 2000s, but has now stopped and gone. she’s gone. If you want french fries, brown carrot stew You have to go with the beef stew.

Clam chowder with panera bread
Courtesy of Panera at home

Many canned soups have disappeared from grocery store shelves to online ordering platforms, but so are many store-bought soups that are no longer on menus, such as the much-loved clam chowder at Panera Bread. according to crushedDespite being a favorite of many customers, clam chowder didn’t sell well, and with the chain moving to a set menu instead of serving swirl chowder, they’ve quietly ditched this seafood classic. But don’t worry too much, you can still buy Panera at Home clam chowder at many grocery stores.

Trader Joe's Sweet Potato Soup

The soup was once loved, Fire Trader Joe This fall soup in the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, making 2019 the ultimate fall and winter fans could get their hands on, came in a generous 32oz box and was perfect to enjoy the cold.

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black bean soup
Courtesy of Panera at home

As if losing panera soup wasn’t enough, the chain also had to cut its beloved black bean soup, according to Chipotle Restless. It has been popular enough that people have launched a file campaign on Change.org demanding that it be brought back, but so far those calls have not led to the return of this botanical staple. But again, you can refer to Panera at home.

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Trader Joe's Pepper with Vegetables
u / ilsfbs3 / reddit

A delicious chili packed with flavor and protein, but obviously meatless, this canned food has disappeared and many customers have hit hard. These days you have to switch brands to get vegan chili, but you can still get TJ’s beef and turkey chili.


Hoping to create a menu item that would be super comfortable food in cold weather, McDonald’s added McSoup to its menu in several markets several decades ago. The soup was popular with some customers, but the big picture failed, according to him. from insidemostly because it was none other than Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup in a McD’s branded container.

Campbell's Philly Cheesesteak Soup

While most reviews of this discontinued soup, which was withdrawn about half a decade ago, have been positive, others have criticized things, as one customer partially stated: “[It’s] A tasteless aqueous mixture … [that] It is based on a delicate off-white material to create the “Cheese” certification … [has] A “steak” component made up of several very thin cuts of meat that lacked the thickness, weight, texture and flavor to resemble beef, satisfying even for the worst cheeseburger I’ve ever tasted in the Philly area. “Ouch. But then again, a canned soup version of a sandwich? Doesn’t seem like an objective winner.”

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