6 buffets in CDMX where for less than 199 pesos you can eat whatever you want

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Are you one of the gluttons, but savers? If the answer is yes, we recommend five buffets in Mexico City (CDMX) where you can eat whatever you want for less than 199 pesos.

Before we reveal these delicious and cheap places to you, we remind you that food is not to be wasted, so you should consume everything you put on your plate.

Buffet for less than 199 pesos

shot of pizza

Every Thursday they have a promotion called Giro Pizza, which offers you all the pizza slices you want for just 95 pesos. This place with nine branches: Division del Norte, Polanco, Coyoacán, Cafetales, Santa Ana, Xochimilco, Universidad, Miramontes and Renato Leduc.

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Lucky sushi

There are “all you can eat for 138 pesos” here on Saturdays. You can eat sushi, ramen, fried rice and other tasty dishes. The promotion only applies to the branches in Las Águilas, Las Águilas 1168 road between Fresnos and Jacaranda; Tacubaya, via Antonio Maceo 38; and San Rafael, James Sullivan number 165.

Alita Kate

If you also want to eat wings and sushi, this buffet in Colonia del Valle (via Gabriel Mancera 1357) is the best option.

For 199 pesos you can eat as much as you want and you can. At the bar there are sushi, cones, onigiri, wings, cheese chips, seasoned vegetables, desserts and even empanadas.


In this buffet you eat all the tacos you want for only 99 pesos. It has taquitos, suadero, steak, longaniza, campechano, and shepherd’s carnitas.

The place has three branches: Xola (via Toledo 189, Álamos), Naval (viale Heroica Escuela Naval Militar number 220, Coyoacán), Molina (via Oriente 81, 4315, La Malinche).


“The richest buffet” of sushi is located at Avenida Insurgentes Sur number 1391, Insurgentes Mixcoac. For 189 pesos you can eat as much as you like and choose from wings, kushiagues, yakimeshi, soup, salad and dessert.

the bt

From Monday to Wednesday eat all the wings, BTK ribs, baked potato cácaro, boneless and french fries which you can eat for only 198 pesos.

If you are hungry, but don’t want to spend a lot, choose one of these buffet from CDMX and enjoy tacos, sushi, wings or whatever else strikes your fancy nonstop.