4 creative uses of kitchen paper that will make your life easier

paper towel

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Absorbent or drying paper is an excellent ally in the kitchen, in general it not only absorbs but also leaves everything as if it were new. Because when liquids are spilled or we made a mess in the kitchen, it’s a great solution, but it’s not the only one to use what can we give him Product.

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Here we tell you how to put it to practical use in other situations and thus enjoy the advantages of the absorbent paper much more.

Consume fat in food

Surely you have used it to clean greasy surfaces before, but we refer to the specific use absorb fats even from food. This super absorbent paper doesn’t get its name for nothing, and it’s because it soaks up all sorts of things fluidso you can extract the excess Fat from our fried foods. This paper is easy to remove oil and other fats in our foods that remain in them or on their surfaces. Get used to using it when in doubt, it can be meat, potatoes, arepas, sausages, etc. to prevent your type Cook affect your health.

Avoid humidity in many rooms

That excess moisture in food or in refractory storage can be combated by covering what you are cooking with a piece of absorbent paper. It is useful when it comes to storing things in it refrigerator. You can put a little absorbent paper at the bottom of the refractory where you store it vegetables, sausages either Cheeseand you thus avoid the concentration of moisture, which extends the life of many foods such as cheese, celery, spinach, etc.

Remove fat from soups or broths

east Paper is so resilient that it also absorbs It’s perfect for filtering broths or soups with which to cook protein to have too much fat or oil. If you don’t want to see the fat that floats after a chicken or fish is cooked, but need the base for the sauce and other preparations, you can wipe it over the broth or soup with an absorbent paper towel for a few seconds, and the paper absorbs the layer of fat that floats on the surface. In a second your broth will be perfect.

Helps seeds germinate

And if you want one garden at homethat absorbent paper It’s perfect for helping you germinate seeds. The paper absorbs and retains moisture, just enough for a seed to grow, so all you have to do is place them between two towels out of absorbent paper moist, and you will see that over time you will grow and see them germinate in small Sprouts ideal for eating, adding to your salads or planting in culture.

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